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loving these Megathreads, thanks for putting these together! I think they will be very helpful over time.

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Glad to hear it! It’s nice I think to have a sort of “table of contents” for each product people have questions about.


Just tried the new GSV2 stabs and they are fantastic. It got me thinking about my wish list for GMMK PRO V2.

Any plans to incorporate the GSV2 stabs, better (less soft) screws, more plate materials LIKE FR4, better foam (stupidfish has excellent GMMK Pro foam), PE foam, and the ability to choose a top frame color as part of the build process?

These things as add-ons would really make the GMMk Pro V2 beat in 2022. Right now the V2 versions of Q1 V2 and Mode007 V2, are starting to pull ahead. Would love to create a prebuilt with more customization option and save me some time for tinkering