GMMK Pro | Anyone still having issues with core/firmware

Hi, since the launch of the gmmk pro, I haven’t been able to get turn off inactivity to work on 3 different GMMK Pros.

In addition, the newest firmware causes double keypresses and chatter. I’m now using VIA which is a shame, because I like how easy it is to use core. I was told (by a chat rep) late last year that there was going to be a big firmware/core update coming in the future. Are there any reps from Glorious who can confirm if this is still the plan?

I just got a Melgeek keyboard and really surprised to see how well everything is working out of the box.

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I asked this question on one of the other posts. I actually got the reply that the inactivity is basically for the battery powered mice. But they are going to implement this and try to make it work for all the devices.

This was posted on one of the older posts about what do you like about the core software. This was one of my complaints as well. They are in the works of getting it resolved and I believe and hope they release it in the next Core/FW Update

I believe in this thread right here.

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The reply was this.

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Thanks for the response. It’s such an odd issue. I’m surprised it has taken them so long to identify and fix.

Hope for a fix for chatter too. I can’t seem to upgrade to anything other than factory without issue.

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Anytime @meepmeep. It is an odd issue but i guess things take time and it depends on where the team is really putting their time into.

All we know is they are aware and are trying to get this to work with it and hey all we can do is hope. Whats this issue though with the chattering? Cant say I have any real issue with mine.

Yeah, I noticed keychatter and sticking early on with my GMMK Pro. It would happen with a couple of alpha keys, and my spacebar would act like it sticks sometimes. I swapped out about 10 different switches before digging through searches, and finally figured out to use a different Profile through Glorious core, and that has fixed the problem.

I’m using stock firmware with Glorious Core, and after swapping profiles I’ve had no problems. I’ve been told to reload the stock Glorious firmware but I’ve had trouble resetting my keyboard, so I’ve left it to deal with another time. Since its working now I figured I’d better not mess with it.

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@NoubusPrime Pretty much the same experience as the poster above me. I’ve since just started using VIA/QMK to cut out Core and the GMMK Pro firmware completely.

It’s interesting how some people have the problem and some don’t. All my GMMK boards have it, so I’m wondering if it’s something on my side that’s causing. But switching over to VIA/QMK eliminating the problem seems to suggest it’s a Core and firmware issue, so I’m not sure.

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I hope new updates fix these issues you’re having. This is something I guess is in fact an issue with some users. You’re not alone and I believe that Glorious has these issues noted down and working on the quirks. I guess its a matter of being patient and hopefully we will get our fixes soon with our hardware via Firmware update.

It could very well be the profile since that is something that’s causing it to chatter. Come to think of it, It did happen to me with my letter E and Q but since I updated it to the latest F\W from the first time I got it and did a bit of customization with some keys saved it as a separate profile I haven’t had any issues at all since. It is in fact weird.

Anyone else having this issue? I’m getting double input on multiple keys at random. Set my latency to 8ms and even 16ms with no discernable difference. Something feels very broken. Using Glorious Pandas. Setup isnt even a year old… help. Started after the last firmwaree updattt.

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That’s unfortunate. I would try to force another firmware update. If it persists, contact glorious support. They should be able to help as well.

I would say try and reseat the switches as well as what @LiquidMaverick said.

Hi @antdef - as @LiquidMaverick said, definitely reach out to support. They’ll be able to walk you through troubleshooting this and provide other fixes should their troubleshooting not solve the issue.