GMMK Pro Replacement Screws

Does anybody know where to buy the GMMK Pro replacement screws? I got the specs (M2 x 3.5mm, M2 x 4mm, M2 x 6mm, M2 x 6.5mm), but I don’t know where to buy these. Can anybody help?

So Glorious support is killing it, they said they’d send me a replacement set of screws and all I need is to cover shipping. I’ll edit this again when I get the screws.


Do you have access to a local hardware store? They usually have an array of screws. Could also consider an eyeglass store as they have small screws.

Outside of that you could try online or contacting support to see if they might be able to guide you.

Hope this helps

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I’ve gone on Amazon and purchased variety packs of nuts and screws before. You could probably find a set that contains each of those lengths.

I’m not sure if you tried contacting support, but I’ve been able to get replacement screws directly from companies just by emailing them.


I’m not currently seeing any kits with the specified sizes, but you could get a kit like this and a bolt cutter like this and cut the bolts to whatever length you need.

I know that the replacement plates come with screws for the plates themselves, but as for the outside screws I’m glad Glorious is hooking it up!

I haven’t purchased one of those aftermarket top pieces, but can anyone say if that comes with additional screws? I’d have to imagine if the plates do, those top pieces do. That’d be awesome.

Edit: So yep, it does look like those top frames DO come with screws. Thats awesome!

Alright I forgot how to edit it again so I’m just gonna reply, but they sent me 10 of the M2 x 6mm screws for securing the top plate to the case, which is exactly what I needed. I’m not sure if they’re any different than the ones that I stripped in the first place, but I do have 2 extras now in case I strip them again.


Would these work as replacement screws for the GMMK Pro casing (the 8 screws that screw the top to the bottom).

m2-.4, and 6 mm

Hey @Maaaars, I moved your question here as I think this thread has your answer. Sounds like m2 6mm screws should work for your GMMK PRO casing :slight_smile:

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Perfect, thank you!

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