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You should add scroll wheel squeak issues, i have O wirelles about a half a year now and its squeaking like crazy, i never RMA it.

Hey there! There’s actually one topic in the main post listed as “Squeaky mouse wheel?” that sounds like the same issue as your issue. I’d suggest reaching out to our support team and they can walk you through lubing the mouse wheel :slight_smile:

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Is there a way, to remove prebound “shortcuts”?

When checking the manual, I saw that clicking mouse1+mouse2+mouse3 is used to reset the mouse back to factory settings

however, this specific combination of keys is something I use ingame.
Can I somehow remove this bind?

You have to hold this combination down for a bit for it to factory reset, I don’t think you will be holding them down for long enough to factory reset while playing a game

That is correct, however, my issue lies more in that this combination of keys just can’t be used ingame. It’s kinda “blocked off” I guess

I should’ve mentioned that in my original question

Wireless can be used as USB device? And by that I mean if the PC is going to recognize it as an USB device, NOT charging it through USB but connected as a wireless device.

Thank you.