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Hey guys, anyone else having issues with their GMMK numpad not auto connecting to their PC via Bluetooth? If I turn off the numpad switch in the back, and turn the bluetooth switch back on, it does not auto connect to my pc. I have to delete it, and then pair it again to work.


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So sorry for the delay! Feel free to @ me if you’re not getting a response in the future :yellow_heart:

Got the scoop from our team for you! If you’re trying to use multiple host devices, such as a laptop and a desktop, then this is expected behavior because Numpad only supports 1 BT profile.

If it’s not a multiple device situation, then I would recommend a hardware reset via the following button combo:

  1. Hold Num Lock for 3 seconds
  2. Press “/”

If that’s not working, then reinstalling the firmware through CORE would be the next troubleshooting step.
Settings>Reinstall Firmware>Select GMMK Numpad

If you’re still having issues after that, ping me. I’ve got one last idea!


Thanks for the reply. I tried the hardware reset, and it seems to be working now.
I’ll reach it out again if I get any more issues.

Thank you!


Nice! Glad to hear it!

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Sorry, I spoke to soon. It’s not re-connecting to my computer again. I have to manually pair it each time I turn it off and back on. I don’t have it paired to any other devices, only on my one desktop.

I tried re-installing the firmware via Glorious Core app, and same thing.

Any other ideas? Thank you,

I also noticed that every time I turn it off and back on, it automatically goes into pairing mode in a few seconds after turning it on.

Sorry you’re having trouble again!

Are you able to test your numpad on another PC / laptop? The goal is to confirm that it’s an issue with your numpad, rather than your BT receiver. If you can confirm it’s only an issue with your numpad, then the next step is to reach out to customer service for a potential replacement.

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