GMMK Numpad with Amazon Music

Hi all,

This is my first GMMK product. I recently got a TKL keyboard and needed a numpad and when I saw the slider on this product and the ability to assign an app to it, I figured it would be ideal to use for amazon music while gaming with friends. It would give me the ability to change the volume of just my music.

Having set this up, I’ve found some odd quirks with the software around lighting. Nothing I can’t live with, though pure blue 255 is more of a cyan colour versus all my other peripherals. Dunno if anyone else has found this? Unsure if there is an issue with my numpad as I have RGB peripherals from lots of different brands including a heap in my PC and at 255 blue they all seem to match except for this. This isn’t my main issue however, just wondering if anyone else finds this issue.

The main issue I have is trying to assign amazon music to the slider. For some reason it finds 6 instances of amazon music. Sometimes one of those instances will work and sometimes none of them will, and upon restarting my computer, if it were working previously, it doesn’t when I boot back up.

Has anyone got any experience trying to do this.

Any help would be massively appreciated!

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Hi @z0mbiecookie!
First off, welcome to the forums! Super happy to have you here.

For the lighting on the Numpad, that is something I can report back to you on as I’m not near it for a few hours…
Edit for color check in the summary


Keep in mind that the backplate, keycaps, as well as switches being used, can impact the color that is produced. Here are my GMMK PRO, Numpad, and a Model O Wireless for reference that I am using here. But they all seem to mostly match the 255 blue when I use it on my GoXLR. The pro is using Panda switches, and the pad is using fox switches. I am also using FR4 for the Pro, and the pad is using PC for backplates.

For this pic, I dropped the exposure a lot so you can see the switch difference in low light for color comparison.

but for the program audio stuff I may be able to help or if anything, I can help expand some options to test and troubleshoot.

The slider is such a fun feature and super handy. It does have some drawbacks but some of those can be worked around.

With respect to Amazon music: I assume you are using the desktop application. You will notice that in task manager when you expand that program you will see multiple entries. That’s because the software does a lot of little tasks behind the scenes.

Those tasks we will call baskets. Each basket does different tasks, some do more.

Glorious software has a hard time determining those baskets because it wants to focus on the app as a whole so it can present you with a list in its software.
In doing this, the glorious software seems to select from one basket (to some extent randomly).

That whole system is kind of the reason you have those inconsistencies.

A workaround that I seem to find works maybe 50-60% of the time, is using third-party audio software (mixers) to port music apps through. This way the glorious software sees that one music program (that’s collecting the audio sources of all the different music programs that are using audio/ or you’re using) and then it can just have one source to give you an option for the slider in the glorious software.

When talking about these types of audio software, think along the lines of the Steel Series Sonar software or VB-Voicemeter software.

I hope this helps somehow. Again welcome!


Hi there,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write such an in-depth response! That makes a lot of sense in terms of the Amazon music stuff. It might be a bit tricky to do that as I have to use an amp/dac for my headphones and the software for that is pulling audio from all sources for me. Im sure its something I can fiddle around with and the information you’ve given has helped me understand the issue.

Once again I apprecoate you getting back to me and hope you have a fantastic weekend!



My pleasure to help always. :smiling_face:
As someone who has dealt with a lot of pain points when it comes to the Numpad, I try to be proactive with responses and help where I can. That is what these forums and people are all about!
The weekend is shaping up to be a good one! Hoping the same for you as well!
Remain Glorious

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