Numpad plastic streaks

Hey Guys,

Does anyone else’s new numpad leave little white streaks on either side of the slider?

I purchased a blue top plate and matching blue accessories, it all looks super nice except the streaks going up and down beside the slider where the white plastic from the slider is rubbing off. I’ve tried not pushing the slider down as much, but its super loose unless I slide it down all the way. Is this a defect? or just life with the slider?


Oh wow, that would drive me nuts to see those streaks. Just to confirm, you said the plastic from the base of the slider is rubbing the top plate and leaving streaks? It’s not actually scratching or damaging the top plate?
I would suggest reaching out to support and seeing if they have any suggestions on troubleshooting the issue.
@Millions Thoughts on this one?


@8-Bit_Bootcamp, Yeah the streaks are pieces of white plastic rubbing against the top frame from under the aluminum top piece. So far they clean off fine, but long term scratches are definitely a concern especially once these little white plastic nubs completely rub themselves off…


Hmm, that is a bit weird. Does it happen when you use the original black slider that came with the Numpad?


@8-Bit_Bootcamp Support is working the issue, I’ll update when we find the resolution. @Dozill I thought about that, but I’m at work, so I’ll test that out tonight.

I also wonder if part of the problem is that I didn’t tighten the screws down 100% I’ve used the foam strips to provide a little more give to the pc plate(under the plate tabs not between the plate and top plate). They are pulled tight, but not torqued down tight.


Hey @skitzo2000 you’re already doing everything right! We recommend using glass cleaner to get this off, but I’m glad you reached out to support as that’s the best avenue to address this. Thank you for letting me know too, as I’ll keep an eye out for other people posting about this same issue.

Please let me know if I can do anything else to help, but I know you’re in good hands with our support team :muscle:


Crazy question: is the top plate completely screwed in? The only reason I can think this would happen is that the PCB is lower than it should be.

Just a thought.


@LiquidMaverick that’s why I posted the note just before yours not sure if you saw that one.

They are snug. I used the extra pads(included) for some extra bounce and I don’t have the screws torqued hard. I didn’t place any foam between the switch plate and the top plate, so I would expect that gap to be static. I don’t feel like it’s an odd use case, but maybe I’m a minority. I used the same technique on my gmmk pro to give it more feel.


@skitzo2000 You could tighten it up, clean up the streaks and check to see if it resolves it. It would let you know. And if it’s the case, maybe you could have the slider on a bit of a stand off to provide space. Just a thought.

Sorry I missed your original note about it. I don’t always absorb all the information. Just ask my wife. She says I don’t always hear her either. At least I think that’s what she said. I was mostly paying attention…


Yeah @LiquidMaverick I’ve tried “floating” the button, but it really has to be down all the way or it’s wobbly. Plus it’s a button you push on, so you kind of naturally seat it even when your not trying all that hard.

I agree tightening and trying og parts are in order, but I was hoping there was a better solution than loosing the cushy space I made for my digits.


The things we do for our boards.

Another possibility is to sand the bottom of the sides of the slider. Provide some additional clearance?


That is what I was thinking

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At first the thought seems reasonable, but I’m worried sanding down just means I’ll have the aluminum button scraping directly on the housing instead of the plastic. No bueno


Ignoring the streaks, I do have to say it looks really good with the Blue Top and the Blue Accessories also the Keycaps go really well with it. I am planning to pick up the Blue Top and Acessories as well, so that if I want, I can have it match my Keychron Q8 (Alice). So, I really do hope you are able to get to the bottom of why it is leaving the marks

It’s a beautiful premium device. The blue is stunning and it’s pretty close to my kbd75 navy keyboard.

The caps are from the g-mky store on Ali kit8. It’s three color ways, red, blue and white. With some yellow for pop. I love that I can interchange between multiple boards with a similar themes across the board. And we’ll July 4th was fun too.

@8-Bit_Bootcamp @Dozill @LiquidMaverick @Millions

I didn’t try switching plates or the slider button, but I can confirm tighter screws stoped the streaks. I’ll have to toy with it more to see if I can get back the bounce. Currently I’m at 100% tight and that stops it. But now I have too much gasket and it’s compressed so I’ll have to search for a happy medium.


That is great to hear that tightening the screws down stopped the streaks. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and letting us know what the problem was. I hope you can find that happy medium, good luck and let us know how it turn out in the end

Sounds like some tight tolerances. I think there is something there with reducing the thickness of the slider, but we are entering next level modifications. Curious to hear how the tuning/tinkering goes!

@LiquidMaverick I think there’s an option there, but it would involve replacing the interior plastic of the button with something 3d printed. It would really need a larger stem coming from the button to add any significant space.

And I’m not sure I’m motivated enough to go that far.

I did try loosening screws this morning, but the gaskets are just too compressed to add any bounce back, so I’ll need to replace them all.


I have my screws all the way in (recently swapped the PCB for the South Facing one) and still some room left to play with as far as tolerances go. I cannot push my slider down any more without risking damaging something.

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