Case Recommendations for GMMK Numpad?

Hello All,

I just got myself a GMMK Numpad! I’d like to use it both at work and home and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a carrying case for it?

Thank you!


I was doing some keyboard organization this weekend and had the same thought since it’s the only one I have without a case. I’m subbing to this thread in case anyone has a recommendation. I’ll also look around as well to see what I can find. :+1:

The best I could find is something that is designed for an external hard drive like this one. It is not perfect but is something you can utilize for the numpad it would be protected.

This site is offering a carrying case but I’m not 100% sure it would fit the Glorious one and doesn’t look to provide much protection.

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Resurrecting this thread to post the solution I decided on for a travel case for the GMMK Numpad. I did a lot of searching on Amazon and elsewhere for a case with the closest internal dimensions to match the numpad, this is the best match I could find. Since there was still a bit of wiggle space around the edges, I cut some packing foam to size (from my GMMK Pro box!) to use as an insert. I cut the internal space for the numpad slightly smaller than the pad itself, so it’s gotta squeeze in a bit to get it into place, which keeps it very well secured. The case has a generous zippered pocket in the lid that holds the cord with plenty of room to spare for some other small components or cords, if desired. Link and pics!

Geekria Shield Speaker Case Compatible with Bose SoundLink Color II Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Case, Replacement Hard Shell Travel Carrying Bag with Cable Storage


I mean… it looks like that carrying case was designed for the numpad! I had to go back and read to make sure you didn’t buy some premade solution. Great work on that cutout. Looks amazing.