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Thank you very much!


Did we ever get a solution to the core firmware update going to 150%?

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We’re working on an update for CORE to fix this, but I have heard that if you run CORE as an admin and disabling Windows Defender usually solves this issue. We should have the update to CORE that will address this ready soon though!


Oh cool I’ll wait, thank you!


Do we know if / when Core will be able to do different RGB layers simultaneously so that we can have two effects running at the same time like in Corsair iCue and Razer Synapse?

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So my led suddenly don’t change when I update or apply a new color… It’s just solid red now… updated software, unplugged and everything…

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Are you talking Keyboard, Mouse, or everything?

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So red in general might mean a power issue, are you using another cable? Annoying not all cables are usb 2.0, as in not all of the keyboard cables were rated for rgb keyboards, and the keyboard does need a usb 2.0 cable for more power.


Fixed it! I had to go under the per key settings and do a reset there. Odd but it worked.


I have had that exact thing happen with my board. That was going to be my suggestion :crazy_face: I am happy to hear that you got it figured out


Is it possible to have per device RGB settings for GMMK Pros through Core?

I could have sworn this was an option at some point, but I may have misremembered

Per device, RGB control seems to be lacking in core regardless of device. This is actually not limited to just the RGB though. I have a heck of a time getting different DPI settings for my MOPs for example because they all show as the same device. I can also use the same dongle (with extender) for the Golden Panda MOP and the Centauri SOP.

With many hoops you can get the DPI, and DPI color you want but once they are set if you want to make a change to one mouse you have to do them all over again - because Core doesn’t know better.

The software is not very intuitive for configuring keys. Maybe after some fiddling i’ll get the hang of it… I don’t understand what layers are. I don’t really understand how i add a function to a key… I want to set up fn + . to be insert… but i want . to still be . or > otherwise…

like this here: it makes no sense

i want to hit fn + . to replace the missing “insert” key.

but instead now it’s insert all the time and . when i hit fn

as a user, this is the exact opposite of what I think i did in the software.

I find the software difficult and unintuitive to use.

ultimately i think i wish this was a true tkl with all 6 keys. i just found that somehow these layers remap the whole keyboard and i don’t know why it’s in this layer. or how to change them on the kb other than opening glorious core. it feels like a lot of stuff more than i think i need right now. I just want to define some custom shortcuts.

i’ve also discovered that fn + F5-8 are multimedia keys, but there’s no indication of existing multimedia mappings in the core software, and i see others lamenting the inability of the fn key to be mapped as a shortcut.

Is there some documentation on core and how to configure bindings that we could read?


I had (have) the same issue with different keys. Like making a function for End (fn+ End = Home). This was reported a long time ago and has not been addressed nor acknowledged by the forum devs as an “issue” - which it is - I suggest looking into different keyboards with better firmware or flashing GMMK.

The fact that Glorious Core does not display default keyboard shortcuts is something I would expect from a beta application; Glorious Core is no longer in beta. They are sleeping on its functionality. Don’t even get me started on the non-existent manual for this thing; you would think at least one “influencer” on YouTube, after getting their round of free products, would also get directions to make a proper tutorial video on Glorious Core.

You are not “lost” in this software; it is poorly made and barely functional outside of changing keyboard RGB. Profiles/Layers are a waste of time in Glorious Core.

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When launching the application, the “Please connect your Glorious products” window appears briefly. After 2 seconds, the window closes. And that’s it, the program doesn’t work. The log says “C:\Program Files (x86)\Glorious Core\resources\app.asar\DllSDK\model_i_dll.dll — Exist:false” among other things.

I’m experiencing this same issue. This has been a massive problem for me crippling my ability to use my peripherals. I contacted support who was unable to assist. I thought I had it fixed briefly as I can get the devices to eventually show up with multiple uninstall/reinstall/disconnect/reconnect and eventually it’ll all show. Then a reboot later it’s back to being broken and I’m resetting up my mouse.

My log in %programdata% shows the same thing missing model_i_dll.dll error.