Left Click Randomly Unbinding on Glorious Core

  • Model D Wireless
  • Latest Glorious Core Software
  • Windows 10 - Latest Updates

After every sleep or reboot, or whenever I turn my PC off my Model D Wireless’ left click seems to unbind itself for some random reason.

I recently reinstalled Windows 10 on a new build and after installing Glorious Core this issue has persisted.

I’ll try uninstalling and redownloading GC to see if that resolves the issue but just wanted to post this on the forms for exposure incase anyone else is experiencing this.

EDIT: After uninstalling GC from my D drive and reinstalling onto my C drive I can report that this is no longer an issue! Wondering if it could be an issue with having GC installed on anything but the C drive but not 100% sure. Hope this helps someone in the future!


Thank you for the update! @kosmiclatte not sure if this is something to add to CORE feature requests, but tagging you just to have eyes on it :slight_smile:


Hi @Pr0duct !

We’ve seen a couple of sporadic reports of mouse buttons “randomly” becoming unbound, but haven’t been able to track the cause down thus far. This is incredibly helpful info and I’ve passed it on for further review. :sparkles:

Thank you so much for sharing.