Updates on Model O 2, Model I 2, and Model D PRO

Hey everyone,

First of all we want to thank everyone for your more than generous patience on these releases. The production delays have been unfortunate, but saying it again, we promise it will be worth the wait. Initial feedback from unit testing has been amazing. These mice represent the start of a new era of quality and performance standards for all Glorious gaming gear.

Model O 2

Model O 2 batch 1 production is complete!

The mice are currently staging in our warehouses and almost ready to be shipped to all pre-order purchasers!

Pre-orders will begin shipping on March 13th. Domestic orders typically take between 5-10 days to arrive; international order transit time is usually longer depending on your location. You will receive detailed tracking info via email as soon as your mouse goes out the door. For full shipping details, please visit our shipping info page.

On March 14th, at 11AM CT, the Model O 2 Wired and Wireless will be fully in stock and available for purchase at gloriousgaming.com for everyone. Initial quantities may be limited, so if you want a unit we recommend placing an order asap after launch.

3rd party product reviews will also go live on the 14th (keep an eye on our socials) :eyes:

All pre-orders will be shipped before any new orders go out the door. You can still cancel your pre-order for a full refund up till 3/10 (March 10th) at 5PM CT by contacting our support.

Model I 2 Wireless and Model D PRO (FORGE)

Model I 2 Wireless and Model D PRO are both currently in final inspection stages prior to the first production runs. Once approved, production on both mice can begin immediately and will be completed soon after.

We’ll send you another update as soon as we get firm news on progress and shipping dates.

Thanks once again for your patience!

Stay Glorious


Outstanding news!!! Thanks so much for the update!


Looking forward to bringing more good updates throughout the year, cheers @tecmo34


Amazing!! Im so looking forward to getting my Glorious mice!


We want THE D


Thank you for the update. Super excited to get my Model D Pro as it’s everything I want in a mouse. Having a light weight ergonomic mouse will reduce my wrist pain haha. I also love the no holes so you don’t get all the dust inside. Model D broke (opted to get a new mouse pad for me and my little brother with the return because I know this is coming) and have been using the 20$ rival 3 while I wait for this mouse.

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Glad to hear some progress! I continue to wait patiently for the I2 :blush:


Any new updates on the I 2 yet?


Any updates on the Model D Pro?


It’s been over a month for the I2 - any new updates to share?


@br33zy can you please share an update on the I 2?


Glorious Founder’s comment regarding the Model I 2 on Reddit

"Hey guys

I want to address the delay in the release of a product that many of you have been eagerly anticipating. We understand that this delay may have caused frustration, and I want to provide some clarity on the situation.

I admit that we have not done a good job of communicating updates and the progress of the Model I2 delays to the community. This has been a moving target, and I apologize for any confusion or frustration that it may have caused. Moving forward, we are committed to addressing this issue and keeping you all informed.

The reason for the delay is due to production issues. We want to ensure that the quality of the I2 is top-tier and consistent and to achieve this, we need to spend more time perfecting the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, some unforeseen issues have come up during our mass production runs and we didn’t want to run the risk of pushing out a poor-quality product. We believe that it’s important to prioritize quality over speed, even if it means delaying the release.

For those of you that have preordered the I2, I totally understand the long wait time is unacceptable, and I want to assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make it right, including canceling/refunding your preorder. Please reach out to our customer service team, and we will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

We estimate that the product will be released by the end of Q2, and we will provide updates as soon as we have more information. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time." - From woox13 aka Shazim Mohammad


Any new updates to model I 2 wireless when they may start to arrive to pre orders

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Hoping to have an update soon. Once I get the news I’ll be making a new post!


This has been disappointing month after month! I could no longer wait and be lied to for another month. So happy with my razer basilisk pro! Recommended!

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If you didnt notice, I posted a comment from the Glorious Founder regarding the Model I wireless. Updates on Model O 2, Model I 2, and Model D PRO - #13 by hmmm

Really wish the holes in mice shells trend would go away. Or at least sell a solid shell option

Yeah, Im right there with you. Some mice are not that bad, but a few cause some rather uncomfortable pressure points. As much as I liked the Cooler Master MM710, it hurt to hold the thing for more than an hour or so.

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any updates on i2?
also, can you ask to lower the gmmk numpad price