Updates on Model O 2, Model I 2, and Model D PRO

On god bro, we need them shells gone broskie

It’s been 2 months since the last official update about the Model I 2.

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We need ab update!!!


@br33zy , @woox13 or @Millions , are either of you able to provide an update on the Model I 2 from the previously comment from this Reddit post stating late Q2?


@shadowcrusher @Violents @tecmo34

The Reddit post is still accurate. Waiting to get confirmation on all production and testing being approved before we confirm the target date.

Learning from past mistakes is important, and the last thing I want to do is give an incorrect date. With that said, it does look like things are still on course from previous updates.

Based on feedback we added in an extra layer of user testing to ensure the release is up to our and your standards :+1:

I’ll look to get a more in-depth update soon.


I did notice the apology. I did not notice an actual update, which should have been posted at least once a month when you anticipated delays. But even now I still don’t see an actual eta :,D.

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IM not sure if this is the place, but For some reason, my glorious model I, when I connect it to the glorious core, it does not register and says PLEASE CONNECT YOUR GLORIOUS PRODUCTS, IT MAY TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO CONNECT. I WAITED FOR 15 MINUTES AND I RESET IT TO FACTORY SETTINGS.

@shadowcrusher Hey there! Reach out to our CS team via chat and they should be able to walk you through troubleshooting steps and further assist you if that troubleshooting doesn’t work :slight_smile:

I got sick of waiting for an actual ETA and picked up a 502 x. This is the first time I actually felt let down by Glorious in all the years I’ve been buying from them.

@Violents I’m thinking about doing the exact same thing. This is crazy.

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Hey @junior (and others wondering) - I’ve been hesitant to give an estimated eta since the date has changed so much!

With that said, I just got word that targeted and likely launch date will be 6/28, so still end of Q2. The team feels pretty confident on that (knocks on wood). Obviously as we get closer to that date, I’ll do a more official post and update.


@Br33zy thanks for the update


is the plan for the Model I 2 wireless to use the same USB-C cable (with the two “prongs”) as the other Glorious wireless mice?

It’s probably not the intended use case, but it’s been nice to be able to switch out mice that way without having to get to the back of my computer case.

Why does the model O no longer have honeycomb shells on the mouse buttons?

Wrong thread.

Do we have any new info on model i 2 has really been pushed back far to long now we starting to feel like end game over here with xm2w