Show off your GMMK PRO Builds

Beautiful, the R2-D2 Keycaps are awesome and it’s cool to see them on a GMMK Pro build

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I recently put these caps on my GMMK Pro. Love the look. How are you liking the num pad? Do you have any issues? I was considering one myself.

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I love the keycaps I have a few of their different colors that I like to swap out and change the theme of the setup. The Numpad hasn’t given me any issues - although I will say that the lack of functionality features has been a bit tough to oversee. The slider and knob not being able to be macro’d like the knob on the GMMK Pro is a bit difficult to get around. Besides that my only other complaint is that there isn’t two different inactivity timers for Glorious wireless devices and the time it takes the numpad to wake up from being asleep is much longer than the wireless model o. I find myself inputting several numbers and having to go back and re-input them. Hope this helps!

One of the best looking builds I’ve seen on here damm only thing that would have made it better is a matching cable but this thing looks great


E-White Swap Wanted to try some black puddings but decided against them since the lightning wasn’t that good due to the switches. May use some phantom black caps once I can find them in the parts drawer. Also double the Guild Caps.


Ok this makes me want an ALL White board with gold accents.

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Love the white with gold accents!

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That’s really cool! I just ordered some stuff to make a build myself so can hopefully post it here later.


Can’t wait to see it!