Show off your GMMK PRO Builds

I love it :star_struck:

I love it too. Iā€™m really hoping they release a glorious gold top frame for the GMMK Numpad so I can get that to match! I was going to do a glorious gold rotary knob and cable with a different top shell but the cables were out of stock :tired_face: and I was gonna go with the nebula key caps (or celestial fire) but the grapefruit ones dropped between the start of me customizing my flexkit bundle and checking out, so I thought it was just meant for me to snatch a set of those up! But I think my grapefruits would look better on my white ice gmmk (1) so Iā€™m looking for suggestions for a different set of caps to make this build pop a little more. (Either that or just a nice set of novelties in to give the board more contrast)


need opinions: did I get the gradient colors correct on the lighting? or are they too subtle to notice? like i can barely tell myself. Gonna be switching the caps to Celestial Fire once i get them in, and im gonna move the caps to a different board, but i wanted to see if i could get the colors correct for some per key effects on the next board they go on. The gold top frame throws off the subtle oranges and pinks in this set, at least for my eyes. theyre freaking gorgeous, but I just think theyll look better on a different board or with a different top frame


Moved the post here for your build. I really like the colors and the backlight matches incredibly well!

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