Show off your Non GMMK PRO Builds

Do it! I keep staring at this thing and messing with the RGB :rofl:


Holy crap you weren’t kidding it’s so bright on the wooting :joy:

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Those extra LEDs in there HIT :smiley:

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Just finished building my Mode Envoy

I’ll get a few more pictures in a little bit and add them to this post


Lots of great looking Envoy builds! I wish I had one of my own lol

However, I finally got around to properly building my Hope 75X (shameless plug for my post)! I used GMK Deepwell and L+F dk ONIs. Do I regret joining the group buy? Yep. Am I happy with the board? Also yep, for the most part.

There are a few issues/inconveniences that I encountered during assembly that simply shouldn’t exist, let alone with a $360 price tag, but overall it’s a good board.


I got GMK Infernal in the mail this week, and I went to work today to build my E-Black Angel that’s been waiting around for a while.

  • E-Black Angel 65 w/ half PP plate
  • TX AP 1.6 long pole stabs
  • Gateron Baby Racoon switches
  • GMK Infernal
  • Artisan from Sandun



Finished building my Matrix 6xv 3.0 Corsa late last night

  • Matrix 6xv 3.0 Corsa w/ Alum plate

  • Color-Magosteen w/ Monochromatic Glitter

  • C³ Equalz Tangerine 67g Switches

  • TX AP 1.2mm Long Pole stabs

  • NK Cherry Spellbook Keycaps

  • No Face Murphy Artisan from SimpCaps

  • Plate Foam, IXPE Switch Foam, and Case Foam

(Shows the Mangosteen w/ Monochromatic Glitter a little better)

(Shows PVD Weight)

(Shows the final build)

I don’t have the greatest lighting in my room so I will update later with some pictures with better lighting but I wanted to at least get a picture up for you all.


How are you liking the experience of the Corsa?


It’s absolutely awesome! I’m waiting on a POM plate from HypeKeyboards so I’m using the Aluminum meme cut plate that comes with it and even though I’m not a big fan of Aluminum it actually sounds pretty good and they typing feel is really nice. The color of the Mangosteen with the Monochromatic Glitter is a lot nicer than I expected and the whole build is super solid. The catch ball system makes taking it a part super simple and the Screen is super clear and it’s very easy to change the GIF to whatever you want. It’s 100% the best board I own and I give it a 10 out of 10 and somehow it will even be better once I get the POM plate


I love my Corsa as well for all the reasons you mentioned. I ended up getting a cream colored version. The finishing on it is beyond pretty much everything else I own.


Finished building my Matrix Corsa yesterday.

  • Mangosteen Matrix Corsa (solder) with aluminum plate and obnoxiously red accent
  • Gateron Cream Soda switches
  • TX AP 1.2mm Long Pole stabilizers
  • GMK Serenity with more wild accents
  • Key Capital Grave “RIP” artisan (I like morbid irony)
  • Plate foam, IXPE switch foam, and bottom case foam. I did not use the case foam with the hotswap cuts so as not to get too “foamy”

I’ve actually started preferring boards without foam, for the most part – at least higher end ones, anyway. Since Matrix in their build guide seemed to use the foams, I did as well, but I left out one of the two case foams. The sound is great, and I don’t regret using the PCB foam / IXPE pads. It usually makes things sound really muted, but not here. I also think the plate is amazing, with what appears to be a per-key slot on it. I’m generally more of a CF/FR4 fan, but I don’t feel any need to change the plate here.

Unlike Dozill, I had a heck of a time making the gifs work. Turned out they HAVE to be animated. So, I went to work creating animated ones, and I couldn’t get it to really do what I wanted in terms of fading in and out. It worked on the computer, but not on the board. So for now I have a 2-frame static “animation”.


Zoom75 build is complete and love the look.


Came out great…love that screen definitely regretting not picking one up


Realized I had never posted my Drop Alt keyboard build from a while back, with std MX Browns and AKKO Dragon Castle Keycaps.


Well after seeing bad tech review on the black widow v4 I had to get it. I also miss rbg lightning in games and most of my pc is razer themed (motherboard, accessories and etc).

Added the white key caps left some of the black for the function but overall liking the keyboard may swap to raptors down the line.

Peek the stealth build on the numpad!


Here is a shot of my Freja65 with the new chroma rgb keys. I decided to use a PC plate and the soft oring. The sound on this board is unparalleled.


To prevent flooding the thread, I’m going to address the last several builds I missed:

@tecmo34 That build is amazing. The orange is great and that screen is really cool. I’m curious if you have any details on it’s impact to battery life. I have the Zoom65 for work with RGB off and it lasts ages.

@TheMildOC That setup is a 1-2 punch. I love the contrasting black on white then white on black. And the double guild cap… (through gritted teeth) is quite lovely.

@nubsors Every time I see the polychroma keycaps is makes me more jealous. While I’m really liking my current setup, I might stand a set for the board I built for my mom. The like dispersion is incredible. Great looking build.


I only run it wired, so unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. In what I seen on the screen, it would have limited impact but probably would get you between no RGB and RGB on. If you are running a Gif image or the “typing” rabbit that is constantly moving then probably a little lower. I’ve switched over to an image only over the GPU temps, as the software has to be running for it to read the temps and I try and minimize my background applications open.


Started getting ready early this year :christmas_tree:


:notes: Oh the weather outside is frightful
but these switches are sooooo delightful :notes: