Show off your Non GMMK PRO Builds

Looks fantastic!! The Keycap set goes so well with it. What are the full specs?

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Added the full specs to the original post!

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Very nice! I really like my Zoom TKL so far and I can’t wait to try the FR4 Plate on it

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Built on stream today.

Hotswap Jris65, pink. L&F Alpacas, DCX White on Black. POM Plate. C3 stabs with a ton of pads to remove as much wobble as I could.

When it came time to build, I realized the PCB was a 1.2mm PCB and I didn’t have any stabs for that PCB size. Made it work but jamming some pads that came with the stabs between the screw washers and the PCB. This is not the final build for this, I am awaiting the solder PCB and foam to build this plateless. I have ordered some 1.2mm stabs for when that time comes so that I have proper stabs for it.


Oh! I wanna play!

Jris65 Build Info
  • Titanium Gray w/ Chroma SS weight
  • Hotswap PCB
  • PCB foam
  • Plate foam
  • FR4 plate
  • TX ver. 3 Stabs (Long pole version on spacebar)
  • Bolsa Zakus (alphas)
  • Cthulhu Frankenswitches (num + mods)
  • Black Cherry Pie Frankenswitch (spacebar)
  • Domikey Miami Nights keycaps (triple-shot ABS)
  • THOK Titanium Sunset artisan


I’m planning on building mine today, too.

You may also want to look into stabilizer shims, like found here.


Yes, I just didn’t have any on hand. This build is entirely temporary while I wait for the replacement solder stuff to actually ship out.


Yeah, that’s also my plan, HAHAHA

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I also finally got around to finishing the Pixel keyboard back design that I wanted to do.


I also appreciate the cerative pbble in the back solid cheap speaker use it myself.


And for my turn:

Also a temp build until I get my solderable board / foam for a plateless build. Used staebies with shims, FR4 plate, plate foam and switch foam, gasket boots, and one of two case foams. Sporting oil kings and GMK Posh.


All of your builds are great looking already! @SentientTD @d3L7r0n @Morbii


What’s everyone’s feelings about sticker-bombing?? :heart_eyes::person_shrugging::face_vomiting:


Are they all individual stickers you put on there or is it one large sticker that you made to fit the case? What board is that?

Individual stickers. Just wanted to get a base theme down. Will be able to stick other keyboard-related ones as they come in from orders as my work mat is almost full :sweat_smile:

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Very nice, I like it a lot. It is definitely one of a kind!

What Keyboard is it?

I love stickers, I might just have to buy a Bakeneko60 and sticker it out as well

I could do a Gold infill of the Cannon and Black infill for the wheel then fill the rest out with stickers like you did. I think it would look really cool. Not sure what color case I would want to go with. It would be between the Sky Blue, Lavander, or Dark Gray. I think the Gold Infill on the Dark Gray w/ Keeb stickers would look Sick AF Choom!


I just finished a Fjell build so I will show it off here

I don’t really have a lot of pictures but it is cool.
This is my “end game” board, even though endgame doesn’t really exist so I made some Frankenswitches that are kind of based of black cherry pies but no really. I got some gmk keycaps because as I said, endgame. Did not do anything as cool as covering the board with stickers! But it is still good and I like it :smiley:.
Don’t have any other good builds yet but did build the kit Adam Lego one for a friend of my sisters, don’t have a picture though :frowning: . Have a cool idea though so I will probably post it here if/ when I finish


YOU GOT ZAKOS??? How in the world did you manage that? That board looks great and must sound great! (Especially with those frankeinswitches) great job!


You can find some Zaku’s on the KFA Marketplace if you are looking for them, they have a few listing for them there. Not that I want to promote buying from KFA but they do have some Zaku (L+F) x90 for $100 if you are interested

[KFA MARKETPLACE] Lubed Zaku Switches (x90) #9 | KeebsForAll

They go in stock often enough, just have to be watching for it. They send out when the next batch is dropping.

I have some as well in my Freebird TKL - they are pretty nice switch.

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