Show off your Non GMMK PRO Builds

Alright so here it is finally

Zoom65 EE

PC Plate (for now, FR4 coming soon)
GMK Red Samuria Keycaps
Glorious Fox Switches L+F (for now, I’ll swap for NK Cream+ w/ Copper or Silicone Inserts or Gateron North Poles v2’s when the FR4 Plate and North Poles arrive tomorrow)
PCB Bottom Foam
Gold Weight & Knob


That’s the beauty of plain caps like BOW or WOB you can make any board however flashy they are but the caps bring them down to earth

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Its beautiful!

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Thank you, the lighting is a bit yellowish because of the light in my room but it really looks good

Update: I ended up taking the Zoom65 apart yesterday and putting the FR4 Plate on and then I managed to get a couple better pictures

Zoom65 EE R2:
FR4 Plate
GMK Red Samuria Keycaps
NK Cream+ w/ Copper Inserts
PCB Bottom Foam
Gold Weight & Knob

Updated with a picture of the bottom
Updated NK Cream+ Switches with the Copper Inserts


I hate red on most things especially electronics along with green. But the samurai gmk set really tones down that already understated red on the chassis really loving this build.

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Planning out my little build might not even lube my switches and go full anarchy with it. Lube the stabs if course but no foam and only real mod I’m going to do is force break mod and rock that for a week til I get tired of the ungodly amount of leaf ping the doom switches have

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Milk and Honey

  • Idobao x YMDK 75 ( Acrylic Case )
  • Tecsee Ice Milk Tactile Switches
  • Guffercty kred Honey Milk XDA PBT Keycaps


The Knob Gang


Spotted a Glorious Panda with my Zoom65

Even happened to get a glimpse of SS Goku with my Zoom65


Finally got some pictures of my recent Sonnet build! Check out the details in my post on (shameless plug)


Oooo its giving me Moon Knight vibes. Love it!!!

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The top is a custom built Ergodox. PCB from amazon, case 3d printed at home about 16 hours worth of print time. Switches are Kailh box navy. I forget the keycap set.

The second is a Hades 68 with Gateron clicky blue switches, an artisan ESC key from Drop. Keycaps are first run GMK 8008 from Dixie mech.


Just some of my moded OEM boards. The top is the Magicforce 49 that has been foamed. Switches are Cherry Black switches.

The second is a Durgod Taurus k320 with the PBT keycaps. Cherry Blue Switches

Third, is a first-run Ducky Frozen Lama Mech Mini with OEM keycaps with OEM optional ESC, SPACE and ENTER Chery Brown switches

Fourth, is a 60% from Amazon. Slips my mind right now the name. It replaced my Anna Pro when it died. It has White Pudding caps and a clear case (Alli Express) with really smooth Gateron Blacks.


The top is my GK61 with the optical Gateron Browns… But the primary keys used for gaming (Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F, SHIFT, CONTROL, SPACE) are all Gateron Speed Silver optical switches. Great keyboard for quick reflex gaming. Keycaps are Tai Hao (dark blue rubber) and a stealth PBT set with side legends. ( Cheap, and extremely functional build.)

The second is 1up Keyboards maco pad with dual encoders. Using QMK for programming. Full RGB that can be changed from the board. Key switches are Zealio v2 62g. Keycaps are from amazon that split and allow a picture to be inserted between the layers. Used for graphics and photo editing mostly.

The third (Orange and Grey) is a gen 1 GMMK compact ANSI layout. My first GMMK. 2 different sets of thick PBT keycaps were used to get the look. switches are hand-lubed Zealio v2 67g, stabs were cleaned and lubed to eliminate rattle, the case was foamed and the PCB is tape modded.
(It’s one of the best-sounding keyboards that I have, its a toss-up against the GMMk Pro)

The last (black keyboard) is another GMMK gen 1 compact ISO layout. Black pudding keycaps and Gateron browns. Lubed stabs.

Not all my keyboards but all the ones that have anything really done to them. I have a Keychron k3 low-profile wireless that will finally be getting a keycap upgrade soon… I can finally get decent low-profile keycap sets…lol

The other keyboards are just apple and store-bought units… I do have another Erogdox and keycap swapped 60 presents that belong to my other half.


QK 65 finally done found some time today to lube up my doom switches (which I don’t reccomend) and built this turned out exactly how I thought it would
Switches: keebfront DOOM switches lines with tribosis 3203 gazzew style with dialectic grease on the leaf…
Keycaps : KAT Katha
Stabs: TX stabs lubed with dialectric grease.
Mods : force break mod.

This build is also Abit heretic as there is no foam at all on this board which kinda feels illegal on a qk65 but it sounds pretty good. And definitely different from your typical marbly qk


Very nice @rice, I guess I am going to have to add to the QwertyKeys boards here with my QK60 that just came in today and I just got done putting it together

Gateron North Poles
NK SpellBook Keycaps
Owlab Stabs - Krytox 205g0 & XHT-BDZ
PCB Foam
Stepped Caps Lock
Split Backspace

I purchased this QK60 off the KeebsForAll Marketplace and it is in perfect condition, everything works perfectly, and there are no scuffs or marks that I can see. I am very happy with my purchase from the KFA Marketplace


My Matrix Noah that was commissioned with Alexotos has finally returned to me, and it is absolutely fantastic! I’m more than pleased with the results. I have a post on for those curious.

Switches: Bespoke EV-00 (lubed, no films)
Keycaps: NicePBT Classic Beige


uploaded a little sound test for this keeb


The Noha looks amazing @RGBruh. It so very cool it was commissioned by Alexotos!

Great sound test @rice, I have been meaning to do a sound test of my Zoom65 and once I get the QK60 the way I want to sound I’ll do one for that as well. Just need to get around to doing it lol


yeah now I’ve run a sound test I’m now gonna put foams on this thing I’m not too big of a fan of how it turned out to be honest event though it sounds pretty good.

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