What's your main switch right now?

Hey everyone! I figured since we have a thread around main gaming mouse, I wanted ask: What your main switch or switches you use the most for day to day or which switch based on activity?

I, on a whim, snagged some AKKO starfish switches for a build I was doing. I ended up lubing them all. I couldn’t film them as the tolerance was too tight. But I have found that I love the sound profile and the snap back as they are double stage springs.

So let us know what switches you are maining right now. And it can be a different switch per activity, or whatever you are rotating at the moment.

Edit: Added quetion: What about the switches you are currently using that made them your main or one of your mains? Is it the the sound? The feel? How smooth they are? The bottom out distance?


Akko always surprises me, love buying their switches. At work I use a low profile keychron keyboard with gateron low profile red switches and at home I’ve been maining the wooting with not the switches that come with it but the yellow ones they sell I think they are a little bit lighter.

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Im still maining my Gazzew Boba U4 Silent Tactiles! They’ve gone through some changes over the years, but they are still my favorite switch. They are the perfect hybrid switch of a tactile that is nearly a linear.


I find the comparison of Boba U4s to linears to be… quite something. I would say Bobas are some of the most tactile switches I’ve experienced. Happy to hear you are still loving them. I have them in an old board that I don’t have much desire typing on. But I do find it a refreshing shift when I pull it out from time to time.

Yeah, its hard for me to explain. The bump is so smooth that it feels more fluid than a normal tactile. The entire keystroke is so pleasant that I constantly look for excuses to use my 60% board to type things up.


Work: Either Tecsee Purple Panda x58g gold spring (lubed with Glorious GLube) or Glorious Panada (pre-lubed) based on which keyboard I’m using that week.

Home: Box Ink V2-L (in my Zoom 75) or CS Wine Red Switch (pre-lubed) (in my AKKO MOD 007 V2) switches based on my two main used keyboards. I have the Boog 75 on it’s way, so those Gateron switches will be in the mix too.

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Oh the Boog. I’m really interested in this thing. And I’m extra curious of the sound profiles and how it will change as the switch tech matures.

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I am rocking stock wootings. Should I make the “switch?” :wink:

Sounds like a costly decision. You would need to find an appropriate manufacturing facility, source materials, hire labor, follow regulations, etc etc. I would say it’s better to just buy your switches… :rofl:

Outemu Ice light purple

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I swap keyboards often enough that I don’t have a main switch. Between the few boards I am actively switching between at the moment, these are the few switches I’m using:

  • Durock Black Lotuses
  • Hyperglide Blacks
  • Sarokey BCPs
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I’ll add a question to add to each response: What about the switches you are currently using that made them your main or one of your mains? Is it the the sound? The feel? How smooth they are? The bottom out distance?

I’ve just always poked around with key test samples from different producers. Was so excited when I say Glorious had their own sample pack on the site. Cherry Blues are always fun, I hate to say it but I’m a big fan of clicky keys for an audio feedback when i’m gaming or typing. Would like to find something with a really high actuation force. Like the satisfying tap of a heavy key.

At some point, i’ll end up having more samples than actual keys for my boards.

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I don’t understand the desire for clicky switches, but I respect it. It all comes down to what you like.

And for me, I feel sample switches should come in packs of 7ish. I need to have most of a hand covered to understand how much I’m going to like it, including use in the space bar. I a single switch is too hard for me to determine if I like it or not.

I also know there are options to swap internal springs in your switch. I’m sure there is a VERY high resistance spring you could try to see how that feels. Let us know if you find one!

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While I don’t own any at this point, there are times when I’ll be in the groove writing code with my headphones on and miss my clicky switches. Sometimes, just having them is fun, but I would never daily drive them due to meetings, etc., where I can’t have people hearing that. I’ve already got a few boards that are borderline too much to use when working and having meetings.

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I have Durock Dolphins (silent linear) that have on a build that used to be my main. Right now on my new main I have Aqua Kings (55g) that I pillaged from previous build that I did a few years ago. I forgot how much I liked them. They were going to be temporary until I got some silent tactile (was looking at a few Akko switches), but they are quite smooth and compliment the dsa keycaps I have on my board really well. Likely going to keep them.

My board previously had these tactiles (Icesoul switch) which look pretty but are horrible. It honestly felt like each time I pressed a key they got stuck before they’d complete a downstroke. Honestly thought it was all in my head until I actually did a proper typing test and found that yes, key strokes weren’t always registering. I should just toss them, but right now they’re in a ziploc baggie. Didn’t even dignify them by putting them in a switch container.

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I understand not throwing them away. It’s hard to get rid of something you spent money on.

You could always have them as a Frankenstein test bed. Take them apart, combine with other parts. You might find something truly unique and enjoyable!

HMX Macchiatos at the moment, but anything BCP or HMX is fire for me.

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I’ve been clacking away with DK Saru tactiles for a couple of months now. I’m not a big tactile kinda guy but they aren’t too bad! I “chose” them because they came soldered on the Bolsalice that I bought on mechmarket. I really need to get my hands on some soldering equipment…


I love the method of how you “chose” these switches :laughing:.