PE Foam

Hello, I’m looking to get some pe foam for the pe foam mod. I was looking at getting some from Green Door Geeks online. I was wondering how reputable they are, if anyone has purchased anything from there I’d love to know. Or knows someone that has. Any info is appreciated!

Have a great day!

Thank you!

I just picked up some KBD switch pads for $6 awaiting their arrival for tear down tho.


Ok cheers, thanks for the info, let me know how it is!

If you are Interested divinikey has the KBDFans switch pads (and most other things from KBDFans) and they are based in the US so shipping will be a lot cheaper if your in the US. I’ve definitely seen a few people talk highly about them hopefully they see this because they can give you a quick review!


Ok thanks for the info. I checked out the site, and the reviews for the switch pads do look good. I hadn’t thought about pads though to be honest.

I don’t have my kb yet, but it arrives next Friday. I’d already decided I like the thocky sounds I’ve seen produced from the pe foam mod on various YouTube videos. I like that Green Door Geeks also already has the foam cutout for the GMMK Pro.

I may just end up using the foam it comes wrapped in. But was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this site before deciding. Anyway thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated!

Edit: This will be my first experience into the world of building a keyboard. Go easy on me!

Ok after getting home and having some time to check around, seems a few ppl use them to buy their foam. So ordered their pe foam for the GMMK Pro, the order also came thru on the same AfterShip app that my Glorious orders are tracked on. A good sign! Can’t wait!

This was clutch for me! Shipping from KBD is a tough pill to swallow. Especially if you are just getting switch pads. I ordered from divinitykeys too.

And the switch pads are worth every penny.


Divinikey is solid. I haven’t bought any KBDFans stuff from them, but I have ordered other things from them from time to time.

It is, but at least (for the most part) their shipping times are really quick. I think the longest I ever waited for something was 8 days, which isn’t too bad coming from China. Just always remember to pay the Route insurance, I’ve had to make use of it twice (no fault of KBDFans, FedEx just sucks).


I always thought that was a scam I always uncheck it :joy:

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I wasn’t sure about that either and unchecked it lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway… zzz time, have a good one everyone!


You might also check out stupid fish. They have precut foam for the GMMK Pro I believe. I got their foam kit for a Drop Alt and it was a breeze to install, and made a good difference.


Stupid Fish is case foam would be interested to know if anyone has swapped out the stock ones for these tho.

My Green Door Geeks foam is already ordered, it ought to be otw soon. Will see how this one goes first. But thanks for the advice, I’ll check out the webpage anyway. Always good to learn new places to shop. Cheers!

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@xXiceXx Did your pads come in yet? I ordered my stuff 5 days ago now but they’re still yet to ship. How long did your stuff take to go from ordered to shipping?



They just came today ordered from divnikey. I was actually going to wait for tear down and pick up some stupid fish foam I will for sure let you know my thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah kk cool!

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I picked up the precut case/plate foam inserts from Stupid Fish. The installation was really easy and I love the way it made my PRO sound.


Awesome! Still waiting on some deliveries before I get into it.

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@misoandricegamer Finally finished the build, switch pads are pretty dope I have to say they might be an addition to every board kind of deal. It is a nice-sized dampener for bottoming out. Just a bit tedious to put on. If you were wondering about the stupid fish foam as well. It is ok. I got it to add some flex to the board but really it’s more of an acoustic thing. It sounds less hollow. I literally added the entire thing of extra gaskets that came with the GMMK Pro and it’s still stiff as a board.


@xXiceXx thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! Glad to hear they’re good. My green door geeks pe foam cutout is otw. I think it might be in the country, so I’ll get that this weekend hopefully. Then to put it all together.

Did you keep any of the original foam in the board? I see a lot of ppl remove all the foam from the GMMK Pro and put something light in the bottom.

I haven’t built mine yet, want to wait for my GDG delivery first. I’m thinking of removing all the foam first and see how that sounds with just the pe foam mod on the pcb and maybe the tape mod. After that maybe see what different sounds I can get putting something in the bottom.

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