O PRO New Colorway | IC | TBD 2023

A new colorway for the Model O PRO mouse.

Stage: Pre-Development
Estimated Group Buy Start Date: TBD 2023


this cant come sooner!


A new colorway? Didn’t they just do the group buy for this with 3 colors? a 4th color is coming as a group buy with out the first group being fulfilled?

I think this is a potential new colorway not just 1 more color of the last group. And the estimated group buy start date isn’t until November 2022 so these probably wont be out until the last group buy has been out for a while as the estimated ship date is August-September.


The way I “read” it, is that there will be several products released in a new limited edition colorway. As in a set of products. Just my take.



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For this topic specifically (and imho), I use the reference of “color way” as Glorious used for their Pink Edition Model O in the past. I would lean towards a single color way for the O Pro with this information so far. Not saying it’s pink, I’m just saying I’m getting it! :slight_smile:

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