I feel like Glorious is scamming me.

A while ago, I bought a Model I WIRED, and all of a sudden, there were problems with the wire. I asked for support here and it went well so I’m gonna do it again.
This was the past topic: Model I disconnecting and reconnecting

So I followed what they said, emailed glorious support, and got specific instructions on what to purchase and what to do, but when I purchased it, it never came. Now the company is saying that I need to purchase shipping protection?!?! I’ve been having problems with this mouse for almost a year now and trying to get support for the longest time. If nothing works, I might switch to another mouse from a different company.

I’m sure Glorious isn’t trying to scam you their customer service has always been amazing for me, as far as the shipping protection I’m not sure I know some companies always add that to your cart when you check out I always decline it, who is the company that you purchased the parts from did they give u tracking information for it?

I’m still waiting on a response to the DM that I sent you. We are trying to help but it’s not possible without your cooperation.

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