How are pandas with RGB?

Currently have an 100% GMMK board with the Aura keycaps and Kailh purple switches but was going to buy the GMMK pro this coming weekend. Was looking at getting the panda switches but wondering if I should get the new Aura keycaps because the panda’s don’t seem too RGB friendly.

I can’t seem to find any using that combination, figured if anyone did it would be here. Also looking to get Gat blacks possibly if I really want to get the Aura again.

Pandas do have rgb but the switch casing itself isn’t translucent so the lights will only come out of the hole above the led and not through the whole switch. If you are wanting a true rgb experience I would suggest a switch with translucent housing as to allow the light to pass through the switch thus more rgb.

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I’m currently using Aqua King Switches, although you will have to make the 5pin to 3pin manually by chopping off the extra 2 pins. For me, I used a nailcutter :sweat_smile: Aqua King Switches come in 3 variety g differences for soft<->harder resistance on the switches.

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Ahh, yeah I figured they would just illuminate the key just enough so you can see the light through the cap legends but was hoping that it might also give a bit a glow to the rest of the cap.

I’ll honestly probably end up getting a second keyboard in the future just for the panda’s as I’ve heard they’re great, specially when lubed :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

@Somnus I’ve only recently started going down the rabbit hole of keycaps/boards/switches. I haven’t heard of Aqua but definitely gonna check em out now!

Just a others have said, since the top housing is opaque it will only show through the led hole, I switched from Pandas to Boba U4T’s with a clear housing for the RGB ( I type a lot in the dark) and keeping my pandas for another build I might make later on the smaller GMMK

I’ve got a pretty dark room usually so the lighting definitely helps when typing. I don’t have to look at the keys often but don’t want to have to go back to using my phone light on the keyboard haha

Another thing you could do is just mod your pandas with a clear top housing.

Do you think I could just use the housing from the current Kailh purples? I’m going to be opening the Pandas anyway to lube them.

Yeah they should most likely work, could try taking one apart and testing before going all the way.

I have a keyboard with pandas on it I can pop on some pudding keycaps and take a pic if you wana know how it would look…I have mine on a gmmk compact tho not a pro

If you could that would be great!

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Honestly comes through more than i thought…this is the gmmk compact with hyperx pudding keycaps im not sure what the aura keycaps are like but i dont think they would be any worse.


Oh wow, The aura are very similar, at least by looks.

Gonna buy panda’s probably, if they aren’t bright or don’t work as well I could always try swapping the housing.

Thanks for the pic!

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@Thallen no problem!..surprised how good they look i might keep them on for a while!

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This is what the rgb looks like with the glorious pandas and PC plate without aura keycaps for reference.


Dang, that’s actually way more than I thought. ty for the pic!

Clear top housing,poly plate with Auras for comparison.


No problem! I think the plate holds the light really well so that might be a big factor into how much gets through.

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Yeah if you get the Polycarbo plate, it really helps with the RGB