GMMK2 Adding Fn + any key combination.

Let’s use an example. I’d like for F5 key to retain it’s original function (refreshing the website) But I also want to have physical combination of keyboard’s “Fn key” + "F5 "to mute my volume. Can such basic thing be done?

I don’t think the GMMK2 natively supports layers.

Core gives me access to 3 layers. Is there really no way to add some Fn combination to a key? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I think they operate more as switching profiles rather than actual layers. Essentially you’re cycling through them vs having a hot key. You’re going to have to use FN+CTL+ALT+(Up or Down) to switch your layers. So if you want to use just the Fn key, no you’re going to need to flash it with QMK or something

Yeah, I haven’t been able to figure this out, either. It looks like GMMK layers are not equivalent to QMK/VIA layers.