GMMK 2 VIA Compatability?

I recently received my GMMK 2 and noticed that VIA was not picking up the keyboard. Will there be support for VIA for the GMMK 2? One of the reasons I pre-ordered this board was because of the VIA compatibility but now I see the page has been updated to remove that.

Pre-Order details (see last line):

Current details (see last line):


If I had to guess, it’s something they were working on before the release, but it may not have been 100% ready when the boards were dropped. It’s probably on the short list of things to get implemented, but we’ll have to wait for an expert to chime in!

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In order to get Via you need to install QMK. There is a post by the mods about installing qmk. Shameless plug: I also put together a keymap for the 65% here.

Currently I don’t have VIA enabled in my setup, but its a pretty simple flag to flip(in config.c probably) once you have qmk installed and working. If you need any help let me know I have a 96% here, but I haven’t had time to work out QMK on it yet.