Custom QMK for GMMK 2 65% - by Skitzo2000

Hey Guys, I just finished getting QMK installed to my GMMK 2 65%.

Here’s my keymap:

I wanted to share my template with the community as a starting point for anyone looking to get QMK up and running quickly.

* Most default Glorious shortcuts enabled
* Custom Color vars for default Glorious shortcuts
* N-key Rollover (NKRO) enabled 
* Fn-Space for Bootloader mode
* Capslock highlight enabled
* Four Layers, 3 To customize and a function layer
* Custom Glorious_Sides function to set the color on the side led's independently.


You have to use the QMK Tools that glorious has provided as the standard qmk_tools doesn’t have support for the WB32 yet.

If you have QMK_MSYS already installed you will need to delete the existing qmk_firmware directory to make sure you’ve got the right qmk fork and branch with the right glorious firmware. Just follow the guide instructions for QMK_MSYS after you’ve backed up moved/deleted/renamed the existing folder.

If your on Windows 11, libusb doesn’t pickup the board in bootloader mode. You will need to use zadig to install the right driver. I’ve already posted instructions on the original QMK announcement thread over here.

It’s kinda documented in the code. But please ask questions so I know how/where to improve. Also be nice please, this is the first keymap I’ve published!

I just got my 96% today, hopefully I can crank out a similar template in the next few days.


I’ve literally never used QMK and I’m wondering if I could use the right Alt key to activate a layer? Sort of as an FN2 layer?

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Absolutely possible. You can completely change the key layout if you so choose with QMK.

It does take a little time to understand the files. If your not a coder or at least familiar with code it may be a struggle at first. If you know C, you’ll be just fine.

Keymapping is actually really easy. If you look at my keymap.c file: lines 98-127 are all of the layers and keymapping. My function key is using the modifier option to switch to layer 3 “MO(3)”. You’ll see that on all of my keyboard layers except 3 the function layer.

While on layer 3 the letters Q, W, & E allow me to switch between the 3 keyboard layers using “TO(#)” .

And really that’s just the tip of what you can do with QMK. I’m still working out the animations on the 65%.


Very interesting… I might just have a look into QMK when my GMMK 2 arrives.


Nice! When I try to build the firmware though, it errors on the RGB matrix sections for the different layers.

I would need to see the error to assist. If you want submit an issue on Github with a little more detail so I can hunt down the issue.

I think I found the issue @Etyrnus I’ll push an update today and send you a PM.

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I tried compiling the firmware and got the same errors as Etyrnus. I submitted a issue on github with a copy of the output.

Thanks for helping me track down the issue!

Thank you for your work and sharing your keymap.

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