That is a very valid concern. And as @8-Bit_Bootcamp mentioned, we know what you know. Frustration is understandable, and voicing it here is welcome. This forum is to be a link between us and Glorious. All we ask is to keep is civil and constructive (which you have done here). Hoping for more updates soon, and hoping more-so for the mouse to pass quality checks and get into everyone’s hands!

Thanks for voicing your concern, and please feel free to continue to do so.


just cancel the group buy at this point

In case you’re not in the Glorious Discored, a Mod sent this message out the other day.

They’re an amazing mod but I am skeptical to believe because that info isnt posted anywhere else like here or their twitter. May need staff to confirm this??

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This happened with one of the other Forge releases as well, I want to say the SOP maybe?
We ended up getting several updates out of line and it ended up being about 3 weeks from the time of that happening to where they started to ship. Just something to note. But we hope :pray:

Update time

Just received an email regarding the Model D PRO. Its “shipping” week yet according to the email: “Model D Pro is currently in the final inspection stage prior to production.” What a joke, I’m starting to believe that the reason for which this mouse hasn’t reached customers hands for such a long is because the lack on interest in this Forge release from Glorious. For whatever reason, maybe low amount of orders, Glorious did not prioritize this release whatsoever. Other mice that were announced after this Forge release have already been released. Now go ahead and fill me with “but quality, they must assure quality, we don’t want defective product” and while I agree with that, I call it BS at this point. IF Glorious wanted to ship this mouse at their initial date they would have done it. But they didn’t.

Wait whaaaaaaaaaat?I also got email.Can someone plz tell are they abouth to ship mouse or are they abouth to begin production of this mouse???

What does it benefit Glorious to delay the mouse at all? Like you said, they could have hit their original date, of that I have no doubt. Then we’d probably be seeing a substantial number of us on here complaining about issues that got caught in QC instead. Would I love more transparency on Glorious’ part about why the delays happened? Absolutely.

Honestly, I’m not surprised we haven’t seen any further Forge offerings, as segments of the community response are showing them that it’s a lose/lose to offer anything beyond their regular line up. Either they push for the launch date listed regardless of any QC issues, and anger the community, or they delay to address the issues, and anger the community. If they just scrap the Forge, then they don’t have to deal with warranty or refund claims on limited run products that would have failed QC if a delay was possible.

Where did I say it would benefit Glorious to delay? I’ve said they had/have other priorities. At this rate its getting close to one year since this project started. I’m pretty sure if QC issues really were there, Glorious wouldn’t need more than 1 delay to fix them IF there was enough interest on their behalf. I strongly believe that those issues would have been solved earlier if Glorious really wanted to. Yes it does need retooling to get to 58 grams, yet its not a new shape. Things didn’t get/are not solved sooner because they didn’t prioritized it. Remember the mouse is still to pass on its final inspection, for the 10000th time, and IF it does, I don’t expect shipping to start sooner than 2-3 weeks from now.

I understand the production of the Model D PRO has been riddled with issues. Lack of communication on production has certainly caused a lot of frustration and understandably so. We’ve gotten an update from Glorious Central on shipping starting sometime soon, which was posted here in the forum.
Lets give it time, and see if the estimated ship dates sync with what we’ve been told.


I didn’t say you said it benefitted them, I was asking how a delay benefitted them. Their priority is to sell products, full stop. If customers have a poor experience, be it regular production or Forge/group buy, many will not return for further purchases. For you, it does sound that production speed is your priority. For me, I want a problem free mouse, and this was a non-essential purchase anyway.

The GB started in August and ran through Oct. If it was closer to Oct, I’d be more concerned. This ran up on multiple US and Chinese holidays, in addition to the QC stuff. as it is, it’s been just under 6 months since the close of the GB.

You are missing the point for the 2’nd time. read this again carefully: The QC issues that they suggest they have, if they wanted and if this was a priority, would have been solved long time ago. You’re like a broken machine repeating the same BS non-stop. I understand the purpose of postponing due to QC issue, but those can be fixed slower/faster based on their interest to get this product out before/after X/Y/Z other products. that they have in line.

@Blaz3 I’d like to ask that you keep your tone civil with other guild members while on the forum. This is a shared community, please treat this forum and the members within it with respect. The Guild is meant to be a place for us to share our knowledge, interests, and hobbies with one another. Even though we may disagree at times, we should still be respectful of the topics and people discussing them.


I’m not missing the point Blaz3. Unless you work for Glorious, we have no insight into what has occurred beyond what they have disclosed. We don’t know how priority of this among the other projects has been ranked, we don’t know how part availability or plastic composition issues may have affected their ability to quickly prototype another set of units. I’ve been on their side of things in a corporate setting, working on beta test units with consumers, engineering, developers, and QC. It could be anything, from the plastic wasn’t meeting strength spec, color wasn’t to spec, wheel squeak, switches weren’t lasting to their projected life in testing…we don’t know, unless Glorious tells us. Like I mentioned before, I’d love more transparency from them on the delays, and hope they will move in that direction if Forge continues. If anything, I hope the community demands transparency from them. The time hasn’t bothered me, this was a group buy, but the spacing of updates, and lack of transparency on the issues beyond the nebulous “quality” does.


My opinion is not based on insight. Its based on facts:

  • Group buy period has been extended 2 times, most likely due to lack of interest to allow more people to participate. So low sales might the reason this didn’t get proper priority, maybe the orders didn’t even cover the costs of retooling for the new weight, holeless shell.
  • There has been 3 delays so far. Not by a week or two, but 2 months every time. Two months was their inital estimated production + shipping time from the end of the group buy. Now add another 6 months to that. All the reasoning behind the delays was short and not well explained. Not only the lack of transparency, but the rate on which we received information was also poor, sometimes even passing 40 days for any news.
  • All the materials/components used to make the Model D Pro are the same ones that were used in the Series One Pro and Model D Pro, outside of coloring and retooling to get to 58 grams without holes nothing was new.

QC issues. This is where we don’t know exactly what happened. If there really were so many that pushed production 4x times over their initial production schedule, then I would say do better, you took 2 months each time to fix something only to find another QC issue when the product is about to get a green light for production. However, I’m not sure about all these QC issues, I suspect their production line was filled with other products that had better preorder numbers., stuff that’s not limited production.


Hey peeps - I have the most recent updates posted here.

Tl;DR - shipments have begun!


Got my model d pro but it is 61 grams smh 58 grams was a lie

Not saying it isn’t disappointing, but…

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