Update 11.30.22: New samples are being checked by our QA team currently. If these samples pass, we’ll update you with a new estimated timeline for shipping out Model D PRO orders, but currently still on track to hit December '22 - January '23 estimate.


Update 11/15/22

Given a quality assurance issue that arose during production of the Model D PRO, our factory needs additional time to fulfill orders. To ensure you receive the best product possible, the new window for shipment is December 22 - January 23.

Our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience possible, so adjusting our delivery window guarantees your new mouse meets Glorious quality standards. If you have questions about your order, please reach out directly to our Customer Support team.

We are really looking forward to getting these mice in your hands as quick as possible. Thank you for your patience.

10.26.22 Update - Model D PRO is moving along nicely. Currently in PVT sample stages. Still within estimated window to start fulfillment :mouse:

10.14.22: Model D PRO Group Buy has closed and we are on to production :tada: we expect to start fulfilling orders in Nov 2022, and I’ll keep you posted with updates along the way.

10.6.22 - Another update! Since some of you have not yet received your Model O PROs, we wanted to give you a little more time to get your O PRO in hand before closing out the D PRO.

Model D PRO Group Buy will be open through October 14th at 5pm CT. Please let me know if you have any questions!

10.5.22 REMINDER - the Model D PRO Group Buy closes in ~ 48 hours! Be sure to pick one up before the GB closes :mouse:

The Group Buy for Model D PRO is now live here: Glorious Model D PRO - Ultralight Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - Glorious Gaming

Model D Pro Group

Model D PRO is coming August 9th via Glorious Forge! Available in three colorways with upgraded features, including:

  • Wireless Freedom at only 58 grams
  • Over 80h of battery on a single charge
  • Smoothly rounded pure PTFE feet
  • Crisp switches rated for 80M clicks
  • Glorious BAMF Sensor
  • Textured surface for improved grip

Head over to our blog post to sign up for updates. Looking forward to getting this one to all of you :mouse2:


Looks like I’m getting a new mouse!


Lets gooo. Do guild members get early access or discount. Cant wait to cop the pink one!


We don’t do early access on our Forge releases since they’re Group Buys usually and there’s not a risk of them selling out the way there can be with standard Glorious products. Glad you’re hyped for this one though, I’m going back and forth between whether to order the blue and pink or mostly pink one. Decisions decisions.


Are the buttons on the side of the black one blue or black?

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Hmm… finaly model d but this puts me in thight spot should i order this one or wait for series one pro?
Will there be a series one pro Model D ?

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They are glossy black!


The blue and pink looks :fire:! I’m patiently waiting for my MOP (model O pro) which I think is the best nickname for that mouse.


Are you going to do one of the Model I? Cause after using these extra mouse buttons on the side I’m not sure I can go back

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OMG those colors are AMAZING.

WTB Model O Pro with those colors.

It looks like I’m going to have to convince my wife to enjoy an ergo mouse because she LOVES those colors


Those colors look amazing

Looks like I am gonna be scrimping and saving this month so I can buy my next mouse :blush:


Dang it


@Millions, how “moddable” are these? Like if I wanted to buy the black one with the blue wheel and swap out for the pink wheel and button from the blue/pink one… :thinking:

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Is that Shosuro Yudoka as your profile picture? I haven’t seen that artwork in ages.

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I miss the honeycombs on these pro models :frowning:

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Nice! I’m excited to see another good mouse coming into the market. TBH I’m not really a huge fan of the colors though, I would rather have the same colors as the Model O Pro and I think that would make a lot more sense considering the O Pro and D Pro are the same series of mice.


Wish we were getting more white or white and black accent options as well.


@Millions are there any plans for Model D Series One Pro ?


I 2nd this question (even tho I will be getting both models if they do release a SOP), also welcome @BZerker! :slight_smile: