Audio gear, setups, and questions

Thanks! it’s a work in progress as I have speakers that I need to finish building/painting and then the stands are getting swapped out as well.

In fact, my vinyl setup is getting jealous of my new keyboard hobby…

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Some of my headphone amps.
Mono Price Liquid Spark connected to a modified SUCA audio tube preamp.
Geshelli labs Archel 2.5 pro and Erish Balanced (custom colorway)
Geshelli labs JNOG DAC
Rupert Neve Precision Headphone Amplifier
S.M.S.L SP200 THX amp
*** Not in the picture is - ifi Neo iDSD, Schitt Audio Magni and Modi, Geshelli ENOG, ***

I’m too lazy right now to post the pics of my headphones. The last time I counted it was 20+ including my earbuds. I’ll list them if anyone has questions about any of them though.
Focal Clear Professional
Focal listen pro
Sennheiser 6xx (drop)
Hifiman HE-4xx(drop)
Drop THX Panda ( also have boom mic)
Grado SR80e (Stock and pad swapped)
Grado SR80x (Stock and pad swapped)
Koss KPH30i (budget kings)
Koss Porta Pro
Beyerdynamics DT880 600 ohm ( special edition black)
Beats EP
AKG k240
Beats fit Pro
THIE Audio Legacy 3
Tin Hifi T2 Pro
Monster Boomerang
Pixel buds
Air Pod Max
V-Moda Crossfade master 100

** there are a few other wireless earbuds**

** also gaming headphones from high-end Sennheiser to the middle-of-the-road Steel Series wireless and lower-end like the Astro A10 and Logitech G335**

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Got some good shit big fan of the geshelli , rnhp and especially the spark


Geshelli are some of the nicest people in the game… Sherri and Geno

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Thanks for the response! Such a detailed and great reply that I was looking forward to.

Ifi uno vs topping Dx1

Here is more information

I currently have a thx onyx that are I use with my desktop, and never have the volume higher than 40% with my Sennheiser hd560s or my 58x. I was thinking I could sell the thx and get one of these which should have more power but for less $ especially since I never use it on my phone and don’t travel with it.

I mostly Play pc games and watch videos.

THx onyx is 118mw @ 22ohms

Ifi uno 211mw @33ohms, 39mw@300ohms $79

Topping DX1 280mw @32ohms $99

What would you suggest?

I moved your post over to our audio gear thread in hopes someone with some expertise might see it and be able to help @ChronicMayhem

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Thanks! Any feedback is appreciated

I’m diving into the rabbit hole WAYY too late. But I just picked up the drop HD 6XX headphones and feel they would be benefitted by a dac and amp. However, I would prefer to keep all my appendages as well as my children in exploring those.

If anyone is willing to walk me through this I would appreciate it. We can do it via DM if we don’t want to clog this thread.

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If you don’t plan on getting any headphones that require more power, then I might keep the THX if it works for desktop use. Full volume with your cans at <40% is plenty, and I wouldn’t expect the resale price of a used THX to completely make up for the cost of new equipment (you can try selling it anyway tho).

That being said, the long-term durability of a dongle is still a concern, so for something new I’d go for the Topping since they have a better reputation for performance. But the iFi uno is cheaper and would still be fine, probably.


Total non-audiophile (still) with no intentions of diving down that hole and my current chain for daily use looks something like this:

  • routing is all handled via Wave Link since I make use of Elgato stuff for almost everything at this point
  • Output from Wave XLR jack is split to speakers and a 3.5 to dual 1/4 TRS
    – TRS cable is plugged into RNHP
    – 990 Pros (250 ohm) are plugged into the RNHP
    – All of my routed out volumes are set to 100% and then I control the volume via RNHP

Just grabbed a pair of the HE4XX off Drop for a good price which should be here tomorrow, looking forward to trying those out. Like I said, I have no intentions of diving down that rabbit hole at all am quite happy with my setup. The only other thing I want to change down the line (once I have more space and a bigger desk) is to get a nicer pair of speakers - right now I use a cheap pair of Creative speakers since they fit nicely on the desk for the space that I have and work just fine for now.

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