Audio gear, setups, and questions

Yeah, I don’t know much about the audio side of things. I have a bit of hearing loss and tinnitus, so going full audiophile always seemed like a money pit I would never get the full benefit of diving into. I still find all of it super interesting and love reading up on gear.
How are the ear cups? I have large ears, and something I always run into with headsets is the top of them rubbing the inside.

Alright, I actually feel like a made a decent choice with the TYGR 300R then. I think I had narrowed the choices at the time down to the DT 990 PRO, TYGR 300R, and a Sennheiser/DROP collab.

for most people tygr is the thing i reccomend only other reason to get the other beyers is if you have the gear to drive them but thats like another $200 investment

Lol made a few audio comments walked away, and there’s a whole new subject and thread :joy:.

@rice I’m jelly that’s a lot of nice equipment, like really nice.

Personally I don’t have that great of gear. I have an atom dac and amp on my home desk to drive a pair of monoprice planars. From my research it was the best entry point for a set of planars that didn’t suck.

I’ve got a little shiit amp dac combo for my office, but I haven’t purchased cans for that space. For now I have my old mdrv6’s which sound awesome with a little drive. The knob on that one is super nice.

I used to be a bass head so my ears aren’t that great. But as I tell my friends and co-workers…

“Life’s to short for shitty peripherals!”

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Look what you have is better than most people’s peripherals. And is all anyone should ever get. What I tell gamers that ask me what they should get is if you want to improve your skill peripherals are usually not your answer and if it is it’s never audio.

A really smart guy I know told me “A poor craftsman blames his tools”.

Now there are really crap keyboards out there, but its not all that hard to find a good one cheap.

And trust me the subs in my tiny ford escort hatchback definitely made it faster :wheel: :fire: :skull:

Yup . When it comes to gear at least I want to have something considered enthusiast cause most enthusiast gear lasts.

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Here is my current setup:

  • Pro-Ject X1 w/ Ortofon 2M Blue cart
  • Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 w/ matched Genalex Gold Lion tubes
  • Arylic A50+ Digital Streamer. (Old iPhone connects via AirPlay)
  • FiiO DAC (for additional connectivity options)
  • Kanto TUK speakers
  • SVS S2000 Pro subwoofer

Arylic streamer has an optical run to the other side of my den where I have my Headphone setup:

  • Grace Design+DROP DAC, balanced XLR out to
  • xDuoo TA-20 w/ matched Genalex Gold Lion tubes; currently running balanced out via DROP XLR to 2.5m adapter to
  • Meze+DROP 99 Noir headphones

Also, for APTx BT streaming:

  • AUMEO Audio BT DAC/Amp (It’s discontinued, but lets you have separate EQ settings and levels per channel) that are running to
  • Sennheiser+DROP 58X Jubilee headphones with Dekoni Velour earpads

i got it all fixed and working great and surprisingly the two 10inch pioneer subwoofers in the boxes, i wired them parallel and it made them 2 ohms and wow they really put out to be 40+ years old and relatively light and cheap looking, but they perform. i love it and i have a logitech g933 headset, it sounds alright but im sure they is much much better. Maybe we need a Glorious headset?? but anyways i might get some info from ya on a good headphone to try.

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Glad to hear the restoration went well, cant imagine how rewarding it must have felt to hear music coming out of those speakers.
We’ve had a number of people say they would be interested in a pair of Glorious headphones over the years. Might not be a terrible idea down the road, depending on the quality and price point. I’d personally like to see Glorious expand their inventory over time to include a lot more than just keyboards and mice.

I’m probably not the best person to ask for suggestions on headsets. I don’t have much experience with audio tech, but I know some of our Guild members do.


i know my audio but it ends at headphones lol, i always enjoyed it loud. id love to know more about headphones tho, i dont even know what a high end brand is in headphones lol


There are plenty but when you get into headphones $500 and lower is what is considered budget to affordable high end we talking $1000+ but if your really interested I can help you start and I can I introduce you to people or communities that have helped me with my personal audio journey. Personally I’m done and found my happy place and all my gear is in the affordable region.


How do the Dekonis affect the sound on your 58x debating getting a couple for my 650 and 58x


Since the 58X’s are open-back, I just picked up the Dekoni’s for comfort.

The fit snug enough for me and I don’t have to worry as much about sweaty ears or noise when readjusting my glasses when I have them on.

The foam in them is really nice and doesn’t seem to get as hot as the stock pads.


This is real clean @d3L7r0n, very nice setup

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Hey there! I have a question if you don’t mind me asking, is it worth buying or owning the DT 770’s if you already own the DT 880’s/990’s?

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question.


Not really in the respect of there being better closed backs out there. The 770 is awesome for monitoring and gaming for closed back but it really is tuned pretty bad for content consumption. The closed back nature of it can make the treble more piercing than the 880 or 990’s treble. But if you have the amp to power it the 770 250 ohm would be my pick if you really want a 770. Otherwise I personally prefer the akg k371, rode nth100, or if you can swing the price of it the Sony mdr1 am2 are all closed backs I would pick up over the 770. I also own the 770 600 ohm and have owned the 80 ohm( which sucks don’t buy it). I only use this thin to.pick up flaws from a mix it’s so resolving and unforgiving its really not what I call a fun headphone.


Love the level of detail of your reply there @rice. It’s simple yet has a level of sophistication and steers the OP in the best direction so they are not buying something that is subpar to what they already own or could also get within the same or maybe a little more expensive price point. Very nicely done


:star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: Nice setup. Love the look


Lol thanks been doing this for years in other forums weirdly enough.