Would you buy/use a Glorious GMMK low profile keyboard?

Thoughts about Glorious releasing a low profile GMMK keyboard? It would be competing against the Logitech G915 (which is getting pretty old), recently released Razer DeathStalker V2, the Nuphy Air keybords, and Keychron’s K-series lineup.

It seems to me like the low profile market has expanded a little bit with the release of the Razer DeathStalker V2 this past summer, and the new Keychron S1 and K3 Pro. The G915 has a loyal following and Keychron’s low profile assortment seems reasonably popular with office/home users.

I would definitely be interested in hearing what everybody thinks about this idea. I know that some things are in development for the Forge, so perhaps a GMMK Low Profile could be one of those things!

  • Yes, sounds cool
  • No, terrible idea
  • Maybe, depends on price/features/customizability
  • Not me, but other people might

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I would not be against it by any means but it’s just something that is not for me. I have looked at a lot of the Low Profile Keyboards like the Keychron offering and even some cool Split Low Profile boards from BeeKeebs and a few others on Etsy but I just don’t really care for the look of the Low Profile Keys at all. I know some people out there likes them and that the market for them have expanded in the past year or so, so if Glorious does go down that path I would not be against it, it’s just something that I will not personally be buying


I’m not too big into low profile keyboards myself, but I think they’re kinda cool and underrated.

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