Will the model o Pink ever come back?

WIll the pink model o ever come back? or even add some new color mouses?

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Welcome to the Guild @YNG_Angel!
I think a lot of members of our community would be very excited to see the return of the pink Model O. I honestly wish the FORGE program had focused more on things like limited release colorways of existing products.
@Millions any insight into the possibility of a pink resurgence?

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No official plans to bring it back at the moment. However, we know pink is a very popular colorway so I’m hopeful we might bring an item like this into our main line of mice at some point :crossed_fingers:t2:


::cough cough::

if you’re in the US, some of the Micro Centers stock them local in their stores. I don’t think they ship, but I can tell you that more than a couple still have them in stock.