Why this place was created in what is better than discord

that’s just a question that idk please answer


Are you asking why this instead of Discord? Because there is a Glorious Discord that I believe is public. Forums will always be a good source of knowledge, etc. because said information remains easily searchable versus something like a Discord server where things can get quickly buried never to be seen again (even if you try using Discord’s search).


What @SentientTD is correct, the discord is public to all. The guild is only for loyal customers that have hit a certain number of purchases. Being in the guild will give you perks and access to early sales, pre-orders before the public, special contests, and guild exclusive products. So good to have you here and hope you stick around!


Forums allow you to have better long form discussions and follow up on specific posts in the scope of specific topics. More often I run into Discords and wonder why they aren’t forums instead, but the answer is usually $$. Also, I’m on a ton of Discords, so having a forum makes it feel a little more special.


Well, here at least you can talk to the people who created it… I’m the founder of Discourse! We have an amazing team of course, but where else can you talk directly to the people building the software?!?

Just let us know how we can make Discourse more awesome for you. :raised_hands:

Or if you are handy with code, Discourse is 100% free open source software, check us out on github at https://github.com/discourse 🧑‍💻