Why are the big keys on my GMMK Pro so sticky?

Didn’t Glorious say they addressed the issue already? I’m rather disappointed in my purchase.

I’m going to assume by “big keys” you’re referring to the ones set on the stabilizers?
Best guess, they came over lubed from the factory. Try wiping the excess lube off of the stabilizers and the housing, then reapplying it.
I’ll leave this video on lubing and tuning stabilizers by Taeha Types in case you need help with the process.


It’s the lubed stabs. Just watch a video and take it apart.

I just did it myself less than 30 mins ago. Seems a lil intimidating, but a lot easier than you think.


And when you’re done, you can maybe even thank Glorious for making you realize that you can do so much with this hobby and modify a lot of things, and it’s not hard to do!

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