Which keyboard is more comfortable when you hold the buttons and slide to the right or left to the other button

Best keyboard for games that need skill and movement


Best keyboard is entirely subjective. It’s probably going to come down more to the switch and your preference (linear, tactile, light, heavy, etc)


@Lufx9 Welcome to the guild! Mostly just preference to me. I think you could make any combination work if you stuck with it.


I echo what everyone has said above! Your preference will dictate what feels the best for gaming. I do have a couple thoughts, though!

  1. I’d head to a local MicroCenter and/or Best Buy and see how a couple of keyboards feel.
  2. Not so much a point about the keyboard itself but, the kind of switches you use will can make a difference. I use Kailh box jades in my GMMK PRO and they take a lot of pressure to actuate. I sometimes notice my fingers getting tired. I’d recommend switches with low actuation force.

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I’m guessing you mean games with a high skill ceiling and movement like APEX or Titanfall 2.

In the short term, everyone above has already covered a lot of good advice. I don’t know what your knowledge base is for keyboards, but trying some demo models out is a great way to get an idea on where to start. If you do try out some demos, look up the specs for the board in the store so you know what you are trying. There are a lot of decent pre-made boards on the market and the prices have gotten a lot more competitive in recent years.

In the long term, learn what you do and don’t like. Start narrowing down your preferences on small things. Things like the layout for the board (full, TKL, 75%, etc), switch type, spring weight and type. I love using a 62g linear switch for FPS titles, but they fatigue my fingers if I play MMOs. It’s also a lot easier to get into modding now that so many commercial keyboards have hot swap PCB’s too. They make great starting points for people to get into the hobby.

I know these aren’t exactly the answers/suggestions you came here for, but I hope it was still helpful in some way. Welcome to the community @Lufx9.

dont say clicky gang in a thread 3 times @jzaine7 or you’ll summon the THOK King