What is your gamer type?

Have you had a chance to take our Gamer Type quiz? If so, I’d love to hear what your result was and whether you felt it was accurate! Mine was Lynx and it was definitely spot on :smile_cat:

  • Panda
  • Fox
  • Lynx
  • Raptor
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Raptor for me :t_rex:

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I wasn’t willing to give it my email address. I see 3 predators, one endangered creature, and one creature that no longer exists, but is also a predator.

I guess I’ll go with Raptor as that would be the closest thing that could also have a giant collection of literal bodies in its basement.

Half the answers were not something Id do, its one of those “close enough” moments.

I’m the fox!


Voted “Fox” before seeing the link and I still got “Fox”, so I must know my gaming style!! :rofl:

I got Lynx even though half the questions didn’t apply to anything I do.


I got panda! I think it was pretty spot on and pandas are tactile just how I like my switches!

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@8-Bit_Bootcamp @Warheart1188 I appreciate the feedback/insight! I know that feeling with many a quiz out there. Is there a particular question that stood out for you as an example of “none of these answers are something I’d do”?

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For me personally it was basically all of them to a degree :slight_smile:

Seemed kind of MMO-focused, and no single player at all. Also doesn’t account for the lone wolf players that still play PvP.


Fair point! I hadn’t really considered the MMO focus of the questions vs single player (I’m more of a single player person myself so not sure how I missed that haha)


The question
" Your favorite game introduces a pretty complex new raid dungeon. How do you approach it?"

I play literally everything solo, so I never get to run end game content. All the answers implied different approaches to attempting to complete an activity that I never even bother with. Granted, some games have group finder mechanics in place, but those have never worked out for me.

One of my friends is still mind blown to this day that I have over 3k hours in ARK and Ive never beaten any of the world bosses.


Most, if not all, the questions related to multiplayer gaming or MMO kinda games and most of the multiplayer games I play with friends are shooters and sometimes RPGs (but we’re adults who sometimes have complex schedules so it’s not often we get to play). But 80% of the time I’m playing single player games.


Email address before getting results? F that.

Besides, what is all of this MMO, clan, and party stuff? I ain’t got time for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

:disappointed: More like: I have a full-time job, kids, pets, and very little time for anything. When I do get to play, it’s single player.

Just from the descriptions, I’m a Lynx.

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Looks like I got Fox, seems like it’s a pretty popular result. Lots of folks just like to take things head on!

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