What are Your Guys' Thoughts on Non-Plastic Keycaps

We all know about the two main materials keycaps are made from, abs or pbt, but there are atleast two others I know of, not counting artisans. I saw a while ago, an entire aluminum keycap set being made (made for daily use, not novelty). Recently I came across a kick starter that plans to make ceramic keycaps, also for daily use. I’d like to see what you guys think of keycaps being made of other materials. Do you think they are just a gimmick or perhaps it’s the next step in custom keyboards. Tell me your thoughts.

I own a set of the aluminum keycaps (Aluvia) and while I don’t daily drive that board, I didn’t mind them. I don’t think they will ever replace plastic keycaps as the next step - they require tightening and loosening to get them to fit properly on stems which is an annoying step (even if quite easy to do) and you need some slightly heaver switches in my opinion (my spacebar on that board is extremely sensitive) - I have them mounted on 63.5g switches.

I haven’t messed with any ceramic sets, but I know there have been some recent videos/reviews that have come out using them.