What are you proud of yourself for doing this year (2022)?

As 2022 comes to a close, I want to hear what things you all did that you’re proud of, as it’s always nice to hype up members of our community!

Don’t feel like you have to post something epic, small victories can turn out to be the big wins in the long run :slight_smile:


For me, although I didn’t hit my goal of practicing my German on Duolingo every day, I made it to the top 6% of German learners and had a 90 day streak I was pretty proud of :de:

I also managed to finish 10 books this year, and really enjoyed getting back into reading some of the classics I didn’t have a chance to read in school :books:

Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s wins!


Getting into the Customer Keyboard and Mice hobby this year is something that I’ve enjoyed. I’ve enjoyed building computers for a while but with the pricing of components till recent, the keyboard hobby has been a nice and welcome fit.

I wish I could say I have read more books this year compared to past years but do need to get back to reading more. I was on a kick for a while on “self motivational” book but need to get back to reading more fictional or classics books. At one time, I was current with all released Star Wars books but I can’t even guess how many I’m behind now and the different timelines / story arcs with Disney taking over.


Really proud of myself as for the 1st semester of school I got all A’s and a 4.0 + GPA. Another thing would be exercising, I used to be pretty meaty and slowly losing some weight.

Edit : Also made some money through pokemon cards


Proud we cleaned up our credit… and bought our 1st house this year. So finally happy we did that. Now to make all new memories in this house. P.S. I am never moving again. I told my husband I will die in this house. lol


Taught myself to solder!


I won myself an award for a painting and I’m going to be having an exhibition next year. Got a few commissions that made painting a profitable hobby. I also started going to the gym and I have made a lot of progress i. a few weeks :smiley:


Through dieting and exercise I was able to drop over 30 pounds in roughly 4 months!
In the past 2 months since then I’ve been very stagnant but I plan to get serious about the exercise part again soon!


Wenn ich das gewusst hätte, dann hätte ich deutsch mit dir gesprochen! :sunglasses:


It’s a safe bet to stick with English, as mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, ich muss noch viel lernen :sweat_smile:


I’ve been wanting to do this for four years and finally pulled the trigger this past summer: Every week I took different groups of junior high and/or high school students (with parental permission) mountain biking. It basically amounted to a summer of teaching an ‘intro to trail riding’ class along with ‘how to care for a mountainbike’ skills. The vast majority of students had never ridden singletrack and gained boatloads of confidence while quite a few new friendships were formed. So looking forward to doing it next summer again!


Picking up scale modeling again after over 25 years. Started with some HO scale buildings for my Dad and moved into doing aircraft again:

I’ve decided I’m going to do all of “The Teenagers” in 1/48 scale. Those being the F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Viper, and F-18 Hornet over the next year or so… I’ve got a couple other interesting models here or on the way including the F-35 Lightning II, and the A-10 Thunderbolt II, which I plan on doing in this awesome Indiana National Guard AKA The Blacksnakes’ 100th anniversary livery:


I beat a open world game for the first time since like 2014. As someone with hundreds of games on steam many started and abandoned actually beating a game like elden ring is huge for me absolutely nothing huge accomplishments wise but I’m happy with myself for it


I am proud of myself for taking the leap and cracking the seal on making YouTube content. Also, finally decided to take it seriously in 2023 too! My New Years’ resolution for myself after dabbling with it so far. On a schedule (already set up), and finally figured out the kind of content I want to make.

Adventure! Mayhem! Soap?!

The first year wasn’t very active but 2023 will be something I am sure of - because I will make it so. :muscle:


One thing I’m proud of doing this year is passing my last Cybersecurity class. Next year I just have to finish off some free electives, and I’ll officially have my bachelor’s. Then I can start working on getting some certs :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Becoming Elden Lord is absolutely a big accomplishment!! And also very satisfying after such a large and challenging game!


I joined a new D&D 5e campaign this past February with a few really close friends. It’s been such a blast and I’m so thankful for it! I was nervous at first to make another weekly commitment but honestly I look forward to it every week now.


Nice after a year long break from TTRPGs I’m looking forward to going back next year already working on back story omfor my next character and we are going to go into a new ruleset for our group being starfinder after years of 5e.