Website suggestion

Hey everyone at Glorious! I have a small suggestion for the website, primarily the account page. When I am reviewing my account there is wall of order numbers, dates, costs, and status. However, I can’t find anything to denote what is in the order.

Example: I wanted to check the status of my MOP Forge order, and I have to remember where it is in the list to check. If you could have text field with what was in the order inline with the order number, it would help me greatly.

Just a thought. Thanks for listening!


We’re actually working on updating the account page currently! No specific timeline for when updates will go live, but of course I’ll post here when they do.

I’d also love to hear any and all suggestions about what people might like to see :slight_smile: Can’t promise they’ll all make it in to version 2 or 3, but you never know.


Found another item: When I am on the orders page, I see the default address which is that of a friend of mine (I ordered him something). However, I go to adjust the address, and I can not change what is listed as the default. Improvement ideas:

  • It would be nice to have a “Set as Default” when looking through my addresses.
  • The addresses go screen by screen. Having them as line items all on the same screen (spreadsheet form) would be helpful for organizing that

Figure this would be an excellent place to post I just noticed the “header strip” for the site, (which I really like the look of by the way) has been updated! :raised_hands: I did see that once you get logged in and click on your account - is only one way to log out :sweat_smile:… which took a bit to find if I am honest (because I forgot about it being there).
I only mention it because I was trying to take a picture of the updates on the site and I could not get logged out to remove my email lol

I then went to another browser to get a screen grab!

Like I said, love the site updates and all the pop-up menus and links/options seem to be functioning properly!

Excited to see more changes and find other things that have been updated! :clap:


Glad you like the updates! Can you shoot me a DM to explain the log in / log out issue a bit more? I’m not fully following at the moment.