We have to talk about Core 2.0

After the looong wait Glorious released Core 2.0. It accomplished one important thing. It stopped the drivers for my Numpad to slowly eat all of my memory, forcing me to force it to stop and restart it each day when it had made my 'puter act like a tub of honey (sweet but slow)

Other than that this is a downgrade. I do not use macros but I have heard complaints about the handling of those. The lighting is klunkier to choose the colors for and have less options, some options like the side leds indicating numlock is engaged or not I can no longer locate, the key bindings are hit and miss and for the slider and rotary a complete miss. The software no longer mirrors the lighting effects chosen

I am sure there are other flaws, but these are the immediate ones that I have picked up. I hear there is to be an update in a weeks time, but the reality of that is yet to be seen.

It is sad that such a golden opportunity to redeem the company’s software reputation seems to have been missed.

The numpad part of my numpad is as the company name says …glorious. But having paid the premium of a numpad with a fancy slider and a rotary knob I thought I might be permitted to use it for many various things. I was surprised to find that the slider was volume only. I thought that a 2.0 of the software would afford me more options in how to use the two. I was further surprised when 2.0 backtracked and made them both volume control only. Makes me vary in my future purchases from this company

The main thread for discussing Core 2.0 seems to be hidden someplace not open to public view, so please do not combine this one as well


Hey Fundin,

We understand that CORE 2.0 has not been anywhere near what our audience wanted it to be at launch.

The update coming out within the next few days will focus on functionality, so you’ll see updates coming to Key Bindings, DPI, Macros, Device Recognition, etc.

Lighting issues are being worked on but will be in a future update in the near-term.

We have heard feedback regarding users wanting more options with their rotary knob and slider and this is coming. I can’t give you an exact date but I can assure you this is on the teams list to get done.

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I applaud your intent on delivering improvements for the issues with Core 2.0, but regarding further options for the Rotary and slider, you have been aware of that issue for nearly 2 years now. When a new version comes out with less options than the previous it is almost worse than if you had not had any options for it at the start.

But I do congratulate you on stopping the memory leak issues. That has made it so I could use the software again. I had not used it for a while so now I got my slider and rotary back in everyday use. Ok, it is not necessarily the functions I want, but I have gotten some usable function back at least

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Check the issue for the sleep time on the wireless mice, in CORE 2.0 even setting the configuration to turn off automatically the mouse lighting, it doesn’t, keeping the mouse awake forever, and awakening the suspended PC or Laptop is annoying.

Hi there.

“The update coming out within the next few days…” You wrote 12 days ago. In other places on the forum it was indicated a week even earlier than your statement. Any indication as to a time frame for the promised update?

This update went out over a week ago and the dev team is working hard to push out more updates.

Aha, not going with the tried and tested iterative numbering scheme other software companies use then. Calling it 2.0.1 for instance, so that when I go to the download page I can see for myself that there is a newer version out without having to comb through the forums for that nugget of information. Or you could have named the first attempt 2.0 beta so that we could have known that it was unfinished software.

But ok, I’ll give it a go

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" [DONE] Key Bindings…" I beg to differ

Tried it, can not see any improvement in the key binding of the rotary key. Can still not get it to change into do anything other than the preprogrammed turning the sound up and down just like the slider and clicking it bringing forth the calculator. I do hope other users benefit from the changes in this update, for my use I see no change.

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