Updates on Model O 2 & I 2

Below are the latest updates on Model O 2 (Wired & Wireless) and I 2 Wireless

Model O 2

The first batches of Model O 2 have officially completed production. We are currently only waiting for some critical firmware performance updates to be completed before we can begin shipping to customers.

At this time, we estimate shipping will begin in Early March. When we have 100% confirmed a date for our webstore launch and pre-order fulfillment we will make an announcement. We will also notify pre-order customers individually. Pre-orders will ship before any other units.

Model I 2

Units are still in production phase. We encountered some unexpected delays during production that shifted the timeline. As of now, they will be completed several weeks after Model O 2 begins shipping. We’ll post more info when we get definitive details.

As a reminder, pre-orders are 100% refundable at any time before fulfillment begins by contacting our support team here.

We apologize for the longer than expected production timelines - but it will be worth the wait. With the performance upgrades, design improvements, and the most rigorous QC process we’ve ever done, the new mice are setting a new standard for Glorious peripherals.

Thank you and Stay Glorious!


Thanks for letting us know, Millions.
Any updates on the Model D Pro?


Thanks for the update Mil :slight_smile: good things come to those who wait


Thanks so much @Millions for the updates


Working on getting one out to everyone in the coming week, I promise.


I see that the Model O 2 has disappeared on the website, I had activated the e-mail notification for when it would be possible to pre-order it again, will I still receive it? Thanks in advance :grin:

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You can still search for the Model O 2 in the search bar on the website, the product page is still there and you can still put in your email to get the notification for when they are available again. So, I would say that you should be fine, and you should still get the notification when they are available for purchase again

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Appreciate the update @Millions, looking forward to comparing the new Model-I vs the older model.


Oh, you are right, with the search I can find it

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Glad I could be of help

I am waiting for the update as to when I can pick up a Model I 2 Wireless also, it’s gonna be such a nice upgrade from v1 to v2. Just the Wireless makes it worth the wait

Hi, I preordered both a Model O 2 wireless and a Model I 2. Will they be shipped separate now or together?

By the way I meant to say welcome to the guild earlier…

So with no further delay welcome to the guild @Wooser very happy to have you

Also, welcome to the guild @jrzrad82, I personally don’t have the information to answer your question, I’m sure someone will be able to help you out soon though or you can contact Customer Support. I just wanted to welcome you to our community

Thank you :smiling_face: I am a happy owner of a GMMK and I felt like pairing it with a Glorious mouse too

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Ya got’s to pair ‘em up :joy:

I just noticed today that the Model O2 and I2 were taken down off of the website. Is this due to the delays in production and lack of availability at this time?

I’m hoping this doesn’t mean they have been scrapped or canceled all together.

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I noticed this a while ago. As of right now, you can’t place an order anyway. Presumably, because of QC issues and having lots of back orders to fulfill. The pages still exist and you can get notified when it’s back in stock.


Definitely not scrapped!

As @xXiceXx mentioned, you can still get to the pages themselves, they’re just not in our nav bar any more as they are not available for purchase at the moment. We will still notify everyone on our Back In Stock list as soon as these become available for purchase, and I’ll make an announcement in the forum as well :slight_smile:


Got an email notification 4 hours ago that the Model I 2 was now available for purchase… guessing it isn’t yet available by your post and the product page saying as so too. Looking forward to the release when it happens.

@Millions has there been any update as to the launch of either model yet? Ive preordered a Model o2 wireless and model i2 wireless for me and my partner through Overclockers (couldnt preorder on here :frowning: ) and just wondering if any news :slight_smile: