Trouble with CS team and malicious RMA policy


Just wanted to post about my recent experience with the CS team…

First thing, I love the Glorious product lines, I just don’t love the CS team, or some of the policies that I think are put in place to discourage clients from accessing the warranty.

I recently purchased a Glorious Model D - Wireless mouse, in September of 2022. Now, anytime I press the right click it makes a squeaking sound, which is extremely annoying, and in my opinion a sign that things may be going south with the right mouse button.

Here’s where it gets interesting. In order to return, I have to take a single unedited video of the Proof of purchase, the serial number, and then the squeaking in action.

Does Glorious provide somewhere for you to host/send the video, of course not, you have to do it on your own.

This peppered with the downright apathetic uncaring responses from the CS team members had made this experience extremely disappointing.

I’ve done the ridiculous requirement in the video, shocked you also don’t require a shoe on my head with my left hand in the air dancing at the same time as another form of elaborate proof to discourage customers to use the warranty.

Love the mouse, but doubt I’ll be ordering from this company again given the way this has been handled.

I’ve noticed this way of doing returns/having problems with products and taking a video showing what is wrong being more and more popular. I recently had a problem with one of my keyboards I forget which one maybe one of the QK’s but they wanted me to send a video of what was happening and they replied with something they noticed while watching the video that was causing the problem and I fixed it and its been amazing ever since. I think this is just one of the reasons companies have this type of policy among other reasons.

Having said that I’ve had nothing but amazing interactions with the glorious customer service team and would even say they are one of the best I’ve ever dealt with. Customer service can be pretty bad these days but I wouldn’t put glorious near that category at all based on what I’ve experienced. Hopefully your issue gets resolved and this doesn’t stop you from buying things from them in the future!

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I understand a video to diagnose the issue, but getting the proof of purchase and serial number in the same shot is a bit much…

Update, now they have asked me to attempt to fix it myself instead of what I’d like which is honoring the warranty.

I totally understand your frustration(s) because I’ve been in similar sticky situations myself, and one just recently. Squeaks and creaks and rattles really get on my nerves as well

However, I’m not sure if a squeaky M1/M2 click is enough to convince Glorious to send a warranty replacement unit. I’ve had mixed results for this sort of issue with various different companies (Razer, HyperX, Asus, etc.) so it seems to vary by company and policy.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve had a rough back and forth with the CS team. I’ve had to deal with them off and on over the years, but they’ve always been pretty awesome in regards to resolving any of my issues.

Just about every company I deal with requires video of the issues and pictures of the product label, as well as some form of proof of purchase. I noticed most of them make the transition over the last two or three years, so I would assume its to combat people trying to take advantage of return/exchange policies.

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Ya, I don’t mind the video, but asking for the SN and the Proof of purchase in the same video as the one showing the issues is pretty dumb. I’ve now had to send them pictures of the same anyway, cut out the stupid step and allow the pictures to be included instead of trying to get it all in one unedited video reel from your phone.

It’s just a lot of unnecessary back and forth, policy is clearly designed to discourage accessing the warranty.

It just feels like getting the run around. I had to RMA a headset recently through another company, and the process was seamless… Did this once before with a razor mouse and also didn’t have this level of nonsense.

The feeling of typing emails into the void of CS team robots is not a great feeling. It feels extremely sterile and there’s almost no accountability for that team from what I can see. No way to escalate to talk to a supervisor… The protocol feels malicious.

Should have mentioned this from the beginning also, this is not an old mouse… Literally purchased September 3rd, so we are looking at a 4-5 month use already starting to malfunction.

I had to get them to diagnose an issue with my GMMK Pro and they sent me a link to where I could upload a video to send them. It was all pretty easy and straightforward and the guy was very helpful; sorry your experience wasn’t.