Thoughts on the Model D wireless?

So I have been waiting for the Model D wireless for a while because I daily drive a wired Model D and I ordered the wireless version a couple of days ago. For those that have a Model D wireless, how has it been so far? Any issues that might be concerning? Any differences to the wired version that I should be aware of (other than new switches, less honeycombs, and being wireless)? Anything that was bad/good on the wired version that is better/worse on the wireless? Would be great to know and thanks to everyone in advance! ^-^


I have a Model D from a while ago and would also love to know what people think of the wireless, I want one but my wired one is serving me just fine… Want to know if it’s worth upgrading


I bought a Model D a while ago to test out, along with a bunch of other lightweight mice, but I accidentally picked up the glossy version so I returned it without using it too much.

I’ve been using the MDW as my main mouse since I received it a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t had any issues at all with it so far. Battery lasted me through a few days of gaming, wasn’t tracking the hours but I will soon.


Hi @Fenn & @chaosandcoffee

Model D Wireless is a fantastic mouse. Apart from the removal of the honeycombs on LMB/RMB, new switches (better rated than omrons), and being wireless - it’s also structurally superior and feels better overall from a qualitative point of view when compared to the Model D Wired.

I highly doubt you will find any cons in this mouse when comparing it to your wired version. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this upgrade if you’re coming from wired :slight_smile:

PS: I am the product manager for this mouse :innocent:


Thank you so much for the reply ^-^

I’m excited to be able to try it out for myself in the next few days!!

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i actually dont like the holes haha, so if i get one im putting the grip tape on it.

it would be cool if we could customize it and change the shell


Hey, the LMB/RMB won’t have holes :sweat_smile:


Recently got mine, and wow it feels super nice! Haven’t used my MOW since.