The state of Twitch

I first discovered Twitch when it was Justin.TV back in college. Seeing twitch rise was great to see but now I feel the ship is definitely in trouble and is taking on water.

I don’t think I’m alone in this line of thinking but ill end on this… Remember when twitch was a gaming site?

They bought all that good will with the announcement banning some gambling (people really need to read and realize it’s not all gambling) and then turned around and put out that poorly written statement acknowledging that creators helped build their platform but that all revenue will now be 50/50. It really came off as “we know you helped build us, but we need money and screw you, just play ads”…coming from the company owned by Amazon, this was a poor decision. They have more than enough money.

I hope this gets YouTube to get their act together for their streaming side and make some changes to make it more user friendly.


*Revenue over $100k will be 50/50 for partners.

I have a feeling that it doesn’t affect as many people as we think it does, or not as significantly. Instead of getting $3.50 per sub, you’re getting $2.50, after you’ve already made $100k for the year…

Just checked current sub numbers, and it looks like this change will affect the top 600 streamers.

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That being said, I’ve considered switching to YouTube, but I don’t see myself blowing up on either platform and I’m just streaming for fun. I’ve got more friends on Twitch, so that’s where I’m staying for now.

Right, but the thing is that for literal years people have been asking for them to go 70/30 for everyone and they turn around and go 50/50 for all. And, keep in mind, that 70/30 up to 100k is only valid for their current contract, it goes 50/50 once that contract is up.

And to tell them that they can make it up with ad revenue just shows Twitch only cares about pushing ads even further down viewers throats.

Edit: as an example, I’ve forced myself to start running 3 minutes of ads every hour so that pre-rolls are disabled for the next hour. If I don’t, I’m just hurting myself from possibly growing because no one is going to come into a small channel and sit through 2-7 unskippable advertisements that can range from 30 seconds to a minute.

Yeah, I did the same with ads.

Getting a 27% paycut is definitely tough for the top streamers. keep in mind though that it’s not $100k per year, it’s just $100k in total revenue, and then your rate drops forever, which means it’ll probably affect quite a lot of the smaller full time streamers in the long run, that got the better rate.

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