The most premium creamy switches for thock build

I understand that there isnt that one switch that can define a keyboards sound profile. However i have been playing with some of those linear switches, i ordered WS Aurora clears (lubed) and i also have some durock L2 creamy greens and i noticed how much of a sound difference there is. The creamy L2s sounded more “poppy” vs the more muted sound of the aurora’s.
I guess what i wanted to say is that I like those creamy greens, and was wondering if there are any switches out there that are simular to them. Also, what are the most “premuim” creamy linear switch? What features makes a switch premuim or higher quality? What are things i should be looking for?


My guess would be Novelkeys x Kailh Creams or Gazzew Boba u4 for being the most premium cream switches. However, if you’re going for green, maybe try Akko Matcha Green. Otherwise, you could potentially look towards a milky switch like Gateron Milky Greens or Yellows. Premium is fairly subjective some things to look for would be spring/housing materials. But I would go based on sound tests and actuation forces you prefer. A premium switch might tend to feel smoother and produce a better sound, but if you like something cheaper, go for it.


Premium is entirely subjective - just because I may like a switch doesn’t mean you will. There are some dirt cheap switches that I have loved even in comparison to some of the more higher priced switches I’ve used (e.g. I love Gateron Milky Yellows).

I agree with the above suggestion of finding sound tests - with that said, make sure they aren’t doing some crazy post-editing of the video. Find reviewers who lay out exactly what changes they made in post for their video.


I am going to help you here because I was on a similar quest when I first started out.
The only way to find out is to buy them and test them out. You can generally buy small packs of 10 and just test them out in your home row.

What I have found is that while many of the recommendations are in the right directions for creamy switches, ultimately it is your ears that matter.

Here are examples of switches that I found to be incredibly creamy sounding:
Invokeys Matcha Lattes v2
Akko Cream Yellow
Banana Splits
Aqua Kings

Every one of these are good in their own right but you may have a preference for one over the other.


I will have to agree with @SentientTD, @xXiceXx, and @nubsors.

I don’t think Premium should be dictated by price or exclusivity. Sound and feel of a keyboard that you will be using is completely subject and personal. Great keyboard part’s don’t have to be expensive, or only available to a few people during a short window of time. There are countless way to change your keyboard to get it to Endgame Status.

At the end of the day, the only person who needs to be satisfied with your keyboard is you. :+1::+1:

P.S. I guess if I had to make a recommendation, I would have to go with KTT Roses. Once lubed and filmed, they are one of the best linear switches I’ve used, and they are like half the price of “Premium” switches. :wink:


Keebsforall will sell you switches in quantities of 1. You just might wait forever for it to ship.

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