Switches similar to Gazzew Boba U4T?

As the title suggests, Im looking for switches that are similar to Gazzew Boba U4T switches. I went looking to purchase more, but it would appear that they have gone out of production.
Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

They are still produced, they just don’t make the version with the milky housing anymore due to discoloration issues. I believe rndkbd has them in stock, they just might be a bit pricy.


Oh strange, I got the impression they went out of production. Do you have a link for that page?


Thank you so much for that. I’ll got give it a look in a second and see if I can pick a few packs up.

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If all else fails Anubis switches are pretty great alternatives.


The Kinetic Labs Salmon might be a good consideration, I have actually been dabbling in tactiles recently and was thinking about getting some for myself


I use outemu ice. They come in three different weights. I like the light purples


Appreciate all the suggestions from everyone. I already picked up a batch of Gazzew Bob’s since those have been my favorite tactiles for a while. Im still looking into all the switches mentioned and plan on picking some up for testing out on my numpad.

A little late to this post, but if you can find them, the Emogogo Tactiles are pretty good.