Super awesome day!

Started out not so well today.

Had been having a problem where a lot of my switches would come out when taking keycaps off. Some switches would fit in nicely and sit flush with the pc plate, while others wouldn’t slot in properly and we’re sitting higher.

I discovered that I’d tightened the screws from the pc plate to the pcb too tightly. After loosening the screws, a lot of the switches slotted in perfectly. However I noticed that the polycarbonate plate had become bowed, and was significantly lower in the lower middle part of the board. Some switches were still not sitting flush.

I removed the pc plate and put the aluminum plate in. All the switches slot in perfectly, however I’d lost something in the sound profile. It bummed me out a little as it didn’t sound as good as I had it with the pc plate, but I wanted all the switches sitting flush.

Decided to add the tape mod on top of the pe foam mod I was already running. And viola!, omg everything just came together and sounded amazing. An awesome thocky poppy sound that makes me wish I was a better typist lol. Could listen to that all day.

PE foam mode (foam from greendoorgeeks) and tape mod (masking tape), standoff’s removed, switches lubed and filmed. I didn’t even know I liked poppy, but I hit a magic thocky poppy balance and it’s awesome!

I don’t think I need to open it up again, it’s perfect for me!

Edit: Jumped the gun, need to spend a day adjusting my stabs. So needs to be opened at least once more.