Starting to look for a new phone

Need a new phone, i have a Pixel 6 pro, switched to pixel back after my Samsung 7 edges back in the day kept breaking. Curious about newer Samsungs.

Should i try to get a s24 ultra or go for the Pixel 8 pro? Not really sure i would use the S pen.

I think My pixel 6 pro is going to go soon. The usb c port is really finicky and loose and cables keep falling out of it, so id like to trade it in while it still works.


I’m planning to stick to the Pixel ecosystem for as long as they make phones. I just won’t ever buy a Google phone at launch to let them work out issues. Really hoping myself that the Pixel Fold 2 ends up being good (work out kinks of current Pixel Fold) because I was super interested in it until I read about the negatives with it.

So to sum it up: I’d go Pixel based solely on my plans to stick to that ecosystem because I like getting Android updates right away and not having to wait months for my carrier to do their nonsense with it.

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I would also stick to Pixel for a more flagship Android. One of the biggest reasons I dropped Samsung was bloatware. Bixby, Galaxy Store, Samsung wallet/themes/internet, etc, even Facebook is just burned into it. I don’t understand why the entire ecosystem is Samsung. To invade privacy and sell more data? Hassel to debloat the thing. You’re probably already using a bunch of Google services on a Samsung anyway, no need to waste resources and have your info harvested by a third party.

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