So, no Core 2.0 for Apple OSX??

I am a apple user and would love to assign some of the buttons to run some commands on my laptop and software. I currently bought the Logitech 502 X and the Glorious I2 and prefer the fit and feel of the Glorious but being greeted with no OSX support is making me keep the Logitech 502x.

I went into windows and tried assigning the key commands there but “Command” is not an assignable key modifier in windows so I cannot program it to the mouse and because I am using an apple keyboard, the right-command key is the “right windows” but does not translate well to osx with this mouse.

An Apple OSX version would solve this issue like my Logitech does.

PS, i bought both mouses to return one in the next few days. I prefer the Glorious but the lack of OSX options is forcing me to keep the 502x.