Show off your GMMK Numpad Builds

Let’s all show our current GMMK Numpad Builds!
I know that we have a thread for showing off our GMMK Pro Builds, Showing off our GMMK2, heck, we even have a spot to flex our non-GMMK Pro builds.

It’s time the GMMK Numpad flexes RISE!
I will start:

Gilded Cap
Glorious Fox Switches
Drop GLOW keycaps
Golden badge
Golden knob
and Polycarbonate plate

Can’t wait to see yours! :smiley:


I’ll get a good pic of mine tonight and throw it up here

Yours looks great; I love those Keycaps they are really neat


I’ve been looking at a bunch of sets to get to swap out the GLOWs. I do love them but I know there is better out there. Can’t wait to see yours and everyones. Excited about the inspiration!


They are cool none the less though. I’m just being lazy right now so I still have not taken any pictures yet but I will soon


Sorry for the double post but here is my Numpad as of now, I still have to get another gold knob for the Numpad and I want to get the South Facing PCB as well so there is still a little bit of work I want to do on it. I am loving it so far though and I think it goes along with my GMMK Pro really well

I don’t know why I left the RGB on when I took the picture’s, I usually have the RGB off besides the side diffusers. They are off now but I am not going to retake the picture just because of the RGB lol

Also, the lighting is terrible and the pictures are taken from my phone so it is not the best pictures or anything and I didn’t take my time to vacuum up all the cat and dog hair that is crazy visible only when taking pictures :rofl:


what’s the keycap set? looks pretty good


GMK Laser Gaijin & Blocknet on the GMMK Pro and then GMK Laser Numpad set on the GMMK Numpad


thanks man!