RGB Led lifespan

been trying to find info for the RGB lifespan.
anyone got any idea ? how long these RGB last ?

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Can’t imagine LED burnout is a primary concern for most people getting keyboards. I’m not sure what they’re rated for, but I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. Keyboard has a warranty on it, and if an LED stops working in that period, then you should be able to get a replacement pretty easily

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They wouldn’t really burn out, they’d just get less and less bright over time. The thing to do is compare a 5 year old keyboard at max brightness, with a brand new keyboard of the same model at max brightness.


Not saying there isn’t a general dimming over time of leds because I don’t know, but …

I run with white light behind most of my keys, but noticed after a few months of my gmmk full that some of them were showing “discoloration” - one was obviously more blue, one was brown.

Long story short, I removed the keycaps to investigate … then, ahem cleaned out the bugs, lunch crumbs etc. Whadaya know but when I put the caps back on white color was restored to all leds!

So maybe 5 yr old ‘dimming’ is just down to, erm, cleanliness? :grin:

A Glorious New Year to one and all!